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Lemon and Ginger Ice Cream

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I want to make ice cream so bad. Almost weekly I scour the interwebs checking to see if anyone local has Cuisinart Ice Cream makers for sale, and I really mean, on special.


My brother and sister-in-law make ice cream and very successfully. They use up any leftovers and have loads of fun making and eating ice cream.

Mostly I like the idea of knowing what’s in my food. Another reason I’m “pro” making my own bread.

But there’s no ice cream maker for me, not this month anyway.  I can blame a rather stupid mistake that resulted in an unexpected bill. That’s gobbled into my ice cream fund, but has not diminished my desire to make ice cream.

When I saw Annabel Langbein’s pin on Pintrest for Lemon and Ginger Ice Cream I knew that would fill the need, momentarily at least.

I wont go into the recipe since I didn’t change anything. Well I did, but it was one of those “oops, is that what the recipe said. Oh well”.

One of my famous blunders that, thankfully, didn’t result in a horrible mess and waste.

Let’s say that you can make this with Icing Sugar, you know, if you happen to mis-read the ingredients.

Oh, there was a very tiny change, I used Honey Greek Yoghurt. It was another one of those rare (cough) moments when I didn’t read properly. I was sure I had picked plain Greek yoghurt off the supermarket shelf.


Lemon and Ginger Ice Cream by Annabel Langbein.



I’ve decided that Mark will from now on have the title of “Mr Fussy”.

The first and lasting comment when he tasted the ice cream was how tart it was. It’s definitely got a big citrus hit.

How much of that is influenced by using icing sugar instead of castor sugar I don’t know.

We’ve just finished the last of the ice cream, and the Ginger Cake I’d made the same day. Because of the tartness of the ice cream, serving it with something, like the cake, helps to mellow the flavours. Though we are big citrus fans.

Here’s Mr Fussy about 40 years ago, and as he is today. Still tucking into ice cream. At least he’s no longer eating ice cream in his jammies. Actually, maybe it’s not pj’s, maybe that was the ‘fashion” back then for little boys. After all, how naughty it would be to eat ice cream for breakfast, or still be mooching around in your pj’s at lunch time.  Ok, so we all wish we could do that. Being a “grown up” can be dull.


Yes, I ask myself the same question, what happened to all that curly hair. Mr Fussy will tell you marriage has a lot to do with it Winking smile


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