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Chocolate Pud anyone?

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After making the Lemon & Ginger Ice Cream I was left with 4 egg yolks. I couldn’t tip them out, they needed to be used. But on/with what?

After a quick search on Google I came to a pretty neat website that provides a collection of recipes based on the number of yolks you have.

Because I know you’ll find this helpful, here’s the link.

Sunday morning I gave Mr Fussy two choices. A Lemon Pound Cake, or Chocolate Pudding.

Although the choice was his, I was hoping he would pick the pudding. The reason was that I would use the experience as a guide to make sure the chocolate mixture I have for the Black Forest Cake was the correct consistency. The recipe I’m using (and have used once before) says “pudding like”.

I’ve never had pudding. Well I’ve had pudding, of course I have, but it’s the name given for a warm dessert. At least within my family.

Clearly, given the title of this post, Mr Fussy chose Chocolate Pudding (silent prayer of thanks to the kitchen Gods).

I used a Martha Stewart recipe for Chocolate Pudding. There were a couple of choices. This is the very first Martha Stewart recipe I’ve made. And it was a piece of cake. I’m not sure you can go wrong with this recipe. So long as you read the instructions correctly. Which I’m happy to report I did. Surprise!

Vanilla or Chocolate Pudding by Martha Stewart.

This is all you’ll need (the salt is missing from the shot, but not from the pudding).



And this is what it looks like all cooked up. There’s the pudding consistency I’ll be using as my guide with the BFC tomorrow.


And this is me puddling about with different “props”.  And those are glasses, as in tumblers. Just normal every day drinking glasses. I did look in Stevens, Farmers, Briscoes and Living and Giving. I was looking for something cute. But nothing jumped out at me and I thought darn it, the glasses at home will be good enough. Right?


That’s my one. I used up the rest of the cream and piled on loads more Mandarins than what I started out with.

I’m not one for eating cold custard. I hate Custard Squares. I’ve seen too many shows where they test bacteria of chilled cabinet food from cafes. And usually the results are enough to make you sick, literally. But even before any such programme, I never liked the idea of cold custard. Don’t get me started on Trifle. This was quite nice. Silky and smooth and a lovely chocolate taste given it’s cocoa. Of course that’s Dutch processed cocoa in there.


And what did Mr Fussy think of it?  I’m sure that’s the question everyone has on their lips. He said it was like Instant Pudding. I was so tempted to buy a packet of Instant Pudding to see if it turned out the same and to see if he could tell the difference.

My recollections of Instant Pudding was as a pudding, usually served with tinned fruit salad or it was used to make biscuits. I think this Chocolate Pudding is a bit flasher than what you’ll get in a packet whipped with milk and left to set in the fridge for an hour or whatever. I hope.


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