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Black Forest Cake: An update

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I made my Mum a BFC for her birthday this month. I started out having a practice run which you can read about here.

The changes I made are:

  • Warm the eggs by whisking them over boiling water.
  • Use the correct Kenwood attachment, you know, the one designed to put air into eggs.
  • Soak the cherries in the Cherry Brandy – not convinced this added anything to the flavour.
  • Use all of the syrup – new pastry brush helped keep my impatience in check.
  • Spread two of the layers with Barkers Cherry Jam – that certainly helped the cherry flavour along.
  • Buy proper chocolate. The recipe didn’t call for baking chocolate but because I was melting it I thought it was baking chocolate. Wrong! I used Whittakers but can’t remember if it was 50% or 72%.
  • Load up a layer with cherries, so the layer is completely covered.
  • I put a lid on the syrup straight away and used all the Cherry Brandy left in the dish the cherries were soaking in.



I was much more happier with the second attempt. Mark was keen to eat the cake and it taste so much better.

And although my Christchurch family joined us for the afternoon tea, there was plenty of food left. And half of this cake.

The left overs went next door. My neighbour returned the cake stand the following day to tell me that when she was a teenager, she had a German student staying with her family. The student made them a BFC. And as she recalls it, my cake was every bit as good.

Here’s a bunch of photos of the process this time around.





I preferred the photos prior to placing the cherries on top. Possibly because I hadn’t drained them properly and the juice swirled round the rosettes I’d piped. Of course had it been the right season I’d have had fresh cherries with stalk intact.



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