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Pumpkin, Kumara and Feta muffins

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This was the final baked item I had for Mum’s birthday afternoon tea. While I could happily be left in a corner nibbling on sweet cakes and slices, I know it’s not for everyone. I am slightly jealous of people who know when enough is enough, or are just as happy to eat something savoury and pass on the sweet treats.

I wish I had that sort of willpower.

I searched online looking for a nice recipe. I’d just bought some paper muffin paper and was hoping to use them, you know, to make them look like the type of muffin you’d buy in a cafe.

I didn’t use the papers, as you’ll see.

Savoury muffins aren’t something I go in search for so I was a little lost when deciding what ingredients I would put together. Sundried tomato and ham seemed like a good idea to me.

Then I came across this recipe from Heidi at 101 Cookbooks.


The story is quite fascinating. I had no idea Savoury Muffins weren’t everyday cafe food in every corner of the world. But it seems New Zealand, and Australia, are the only countries you’ll find a good selection of savoury muffins alongside sweet muffins.

I changed the recipe only slightly, by that I mean I added some Kumara (sweet potato).

I think they look great. The veg while roasting smelt so nice. I used my fancy Lemon and Mandarin Olive Oil to roast them in. They’re very colourful, and they had a nice consistency.

This is one occasion that I wished I hadn’t been so precise. The feta on top of the muffins would have looked far better crumbled rather than my very meticulous cubes.

I totally agree with Heidi’s comment, these are best served just warmed. I didn’t, I had them cold, but had eaten one warm. The warmth makes a difference. So you’ve been warned Winking smile




And a final note. There were muffins left over, and while Mr Fussy is not at all keen on pumpkin, and even less keen on kumara he wanted to wrap some up to take for lunch the following day. That’s progress.



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