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Roast Strawberry and Goat cheese–on toasted bread

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Well, this was a new experience for me.

I’ve not long heard the phrase “roasted strawberries” and here I was with some fresh Goats Cheese my Mum had bought in Picton and delivered to me today.

I’d been saying how impossible difficult it was to find Goats Cheese. I’d seen a recipe many months ago now, on Pinterest, that called for the very ingredients that I used today. But could I find Goats Cheese? No. Well yes. Only as Feta.

The picture showed the cheese having been spread over the toasted bread like a butter.

As it happened, I’d already decided to roast the punnet of strawberries I bought, and then I got a message from Mum saying she had Goats Cheese for me (happy dance).

Clearly all the planets were lining up.

To the roasted strawberries: these wee beauties are so delicious. Well they’re roasted with Maple Syrup for a start. Then there’s Port and Balsamic Vinegar. What’s not to love about all those flavours? Nothing.

Here’s a link to the post I followed. And it’s not surprising the original recipe was from Heidi Swanson of 101 Cookbooks.

All you need to make this little treat is:

  • Roasted Strawberries
  • Crusty Bread
  • Goats Cheese

Of course I hope you have a much easier time finding Goats Cheese.

Look at how gooey that cheese is.


It has quite a pungent smell. I’m not really sure I knew what it would be like. From the picture I’d seen of this little concoction the goats cheese was rolled in black pepper. I wasn’t anticipating the camembert type crust.

I’m really not good with cheese, there’s so much to learn.

  • Toast the bread (thankfully I had a couple of slices left over from the Crusty Bread I’d made on Sunday. See, another thing that fell into place.)
  • Spread the Goats cheese over the warm toasted bread, just like you would butter.
  • Spoon on the roasted Strawberries, with a little of the juice.

And you’re good to go.



I shared a slice with my MIL. Mr Fussy had asked “have you not had enough for tea?” I knew he was unlikely to want to taste.  He’s now munching on a few Pineapple Lumps.

What did I think of it? I wanted to really enjoy this. You know how it is when you’ve wanted to do something, or try something for a long while. The anticipation of it all. But I’m afraid it was a bit too strong for my likes. I did manage to eat a slice but then I just pulled the roasted strawberries off and ate them on their own.

Sorry Mum. I really do appreciate you giving me an opportunity, and it was so lovely that you went to the trouble and expense but it’s just too strong for me.

I haven’t used all of the Goats Cheese, perhaps Mum will want to try some for herself.


One thought on “Roast Strawberry and Goat cheese–on toasted bread

  1. I did have a sample before buying, but I tasted the sample of ‘blue’ goats cheese first and after that anything would have tasted good. (BTW – bought it at the Farmers Market in Blenheim not Picton).
    So based on your tasting, I’d have been far better off buying you the Caramel Corn from Makana Confectionery. The samples of various products we had were ‘to die for’ and you’d have been in caramel, toffee heaven!! Unfortunately the price was three times that of the cheese….

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