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Hot Chocolate Fondant, or Chocolate Volcano/Lava pudding

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I subscribe to the Sydney Morning Herald food section. They have some really nice recipes, and being from this part of the woods I feel like there’s a better chance that the ingredients wont be difficult to find, and in season.

The thing with subscribing to American sites is that you’re 2 seasons apart. Right now there’s a massive rush on all things fall. I’ve never seen so many sweet pumpkin dishes.

For someone not that fond of pumpkin, it’s a little too much.


Before I get totally off track, back to this pudding. I made it on Saturday. I’d saved a number of different Chocolate pudding, the Volcano, the Lava, and then this one, being so very different in method, but producing the same results.


For our 10th Wedding Anniversary we nipped over to Akaroa. It’s just 70ish kilometres from Christchurch. The roads are narrow and windy and there’s lots of hilly bits. My tummy doesn’t do well with most forms of transport. Add in the sort of roads that Mr Fussy craves to “really drive” and it’s not exactly the easiest of journeys for me.

We had booked a meal at a restaurant and our eyes went wide when we saw Chocolate Volcano Pudding on the menu. There was a cautionary note that the pudding could take around 20 minutes from order to serve. That was ok with us. We expected the wait to be worth it.



When the puddings arrived we were very excited. After the first few bites we felt a little let down. It tasted very nice, but the inside wasn’t quite as flowing as we’d expected. I was looking for oozy, gooey, messy, difficult to capture on a spoon.


One of the other evenings we were in Akaora we’d eaten our mains at a restaurant that didn’t have any desserts that inspired us. But walking back to the hotel we kept checking out dessert menus of other restaurants. We saw Chocolate Volcano pudding again. In a hope of finally satisfying our desire for that gooey chocolatey mess we stopped and this time we weren’t left wanting. We’d mentioned we had the same pudding the previous night and explained our disappointment. The waitress said we should have mentioned we wanted it gooey so that they knew not to cook the pudding quite a long. It wasn’t until her comment that I realised the pudding could change from OK to fabulous just by varying the amount of baking time. Now I know that the gooey stuff is assured if you get the baking time right. The difficulty is trusting that the wobbly pudding (when you tap it) is baked enough that it wont collapse into a puddle when you tip it onto the plate.


I’m not sure where the desire came to replicate this dessert but I blame it on Pintrest showing me a couple of different recipes for this. And I was intrigued by the recipe in the SMH for their “fondant”.


The recipe was easy enough to make. But getting the “fondant” to the right consistency was a challenge. In the end I had to put the bowl into the freezer. My earlier tries to try and “roll” the fondant resulted in a sticky mess all over my hands.

Another change I’d make would be to line the bottom of the custard pots I’d used (and bought especially for the occasion). Perhaps  wasn’t liberal enough with dusting the cocoa but the tops of each pudding pulled away and ended up with a little hole in the top.


Despite the recipe being a bit fiddly at the end, these tasted very good.  Just serve with a little double cream or thickened cream if you wish. Mr Fussy doesn’t like cream. Spot his pudding.

And you wont be disappointed with the amount of oozy gooey chocolate slipping fro the pudding.




The recipe from the Sydney Morning Herald can be found here.


Because there are only 3 of us, I halved the recipe. It halves very easily. My intention was to make the pudding again the following evening. However the recipe was so rich I couldn’t bring myself to a complete overload. Lord knows where I found that sort of restraint, but I just couldn’t imagine eating another very rich pudding two nights in a row.

Naturally the pudding I did take was completely goggled up. Only a few good manners prevented me from licking he plate clean.



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