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Shredded Chicken, a no-brainer

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Sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees. Or maybe that’s just me.

I was reading a blog on the way to work, obviously I wasn’t driving, and it was the simplest thing. Cooking up chicken, shredding it and then freezing it ready for use. Not only is this a great time saver, but a meal will come together in no time.

In the past I’ve cooked up a whole chicken, sometimes roasting it, sometimes boiling it. Boiling is great if I want to make a stock.

The blog post I was reading used chicken breast and a slow cooker.

While my roast and boiled chickens have been pretty bland (I’m not even sure if I’d have added salt, the chicken was always used in a Sweet and Sour dish) this recipe included several herbs and seasonings.

I’m still getting over how simple this really is, and how it looks after itself.




Click the link to the original post , but you can feel free to make some changes. There’s no hard or fast rules. Use whatever herbs and seasonings you have in the pantry. I changed mine a little. I had some fresh herbs that were starting to look a bit unloved, so this was a great way to make use of them.



Fresh herbs – I used Thyme and Oregano

Garlic – I used whole cloves instead of Garlic Salt

Stock – make from scratch of cheat like I did


Have a think about the type of meals you might use the chicken in. You don’t want the flavours competing with each other.




I split the chicken into 3 portions, 2 are in the freezer. I used the other to make Quesadillas for dinner, which I’d never done before, but it was a breeze.

Imagine if you will Mr Fussy being the guide. He’s had Quesadillas many times at his favourite restaurant, Coyotes, who has gone out of business.  The earthquakes finished off their two restaurants, one along the Strip, the other at The Palms.

Mr Fussy was explaining what the texture of the cheese was, the flavours, what he thought was used for onions.

Anyway, it was tasty, and by the time I got to the 3 one (mine), the proportions were spot on. I’ll be making them again real soon.

As always there’s something new to be learnt, and next time there’ll be a few changes. Maybe I’ll share what we threw in, how we seasoned the extras and add a few photos, you know, as proof that I’m not all talk Winking smile


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