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Flatbread–or not so flat as it happened


Laying in bed this morning, listening to the rain, I knew much of the day would be spent in the Kitchen. And what better way to spend Labour Day in New Zealand.

Being in the kitchen is a labour of love, it usually doesn’t feel like labouring away. Except when having to try and come up with something different for a week night meal, though week night meals are generally for Mr Fussy to coordinate (which sometimes means I’m actually “on duty”).

While Monday is a week night, it’s a public holiday. That means my weekend got extended by a day (well two, because Friday was an Annual Leave day for me).

I had several things planned for today, Pasta Sauce, Roasted Garlic and Salsa. But laying in bed, unable to sleep past 7am, meant I was catching up on Twitter goings on. Monday in NZ is Sunday evening in America. And there’s a huge “Sunday Supper” event each week on the foodie calendar. And it was reading one of the tweets for this recipe for a flatbread with Grapes, Gruyere, Rosemary and Red Onion that changed my plans and saw me add another cooking creation to my list.

Here’s the recipe for the toppings for the flatbread.


I had to decide which Pizza recipe I was going to use. I’d previously bookmarked a recipe from David Lebovitz. I read the recipe and it was really simple, and wouldn’t take all day and the next to prepare. Though there is this recipe from Pioneer Woman that I want to try. Just because I’m a fan of having bread sit overnight proving.


The Pizza recipe is really simple to make. Again I used the Semolina Flour.

I also used the paddle in the Kenwood up until the point where all of the flour had been added along with the remainder wet ingredients. I swapped and used the Dough Hook and then left the dough kneading for 5 minutes.


The dough wasn’t sticky and it turned out of the bowl without anything more than my hands easing it from the bottom. It as already around the dough hook, and the sides of the bowl were clean. So that made things pretty straight forward.

Look how much the dough rose! That’s at 1.5 hours. I had left the bowl sitting on the ceramic top (don’t tell F&P) which was slightly warm since the Pasta Sauce I was cooking was simmering away on another element.

The dough was really easy to shape and I loved squishing it under my finger tips. However, since I’ve now made the Flatbread, it wasn’t very flat at all. The dough rose quite a bit during cooking. I probably should have halved the dough. I know it wouldn’t have rolled out quite as far (I had to stop since it was already the size of my pizza stone), but it would have been a little thinner and more “flat”.

Assembling the ingredients was quick since I’d already prepared everything. Those grapes were surprisingly sweet. I was eating them before they had a chance to make friends with the dough.

I used the roasted garlic I’d prepared earlier in the morning with the oil that was used to brush over the dough. And then I added all the remaining roasted garlic as well. That’s the only deviation I made. The garlic was an obvious addition, but a nice surprise.

The pizza stone was put into the oven while it heated up. I used the hottest temperature I dared. The stone is so big that it only fits on the very bottom rack. That’s because the fan in the oven protrudes into the centre taking some precious space. And being on the very bottom, on the hottest setting I was pretty sure the back of the pizza might be a little more “coloured” (aka burnt) than the front. And I was right. But Mr Fussy doesn’t like crusts so chopping them off isn’t a hardship.


The flatbread was quite nice. A lovely sweet taste mingled in with garlic and cheese. If I hadn’t made this, and known there was red onion or rosemary, I probably wouldn’t have been aware they were present. This wasn’t so sweet that you’d have it as a “dessert”, the cheese balanced things out nicely.

There’s enough left over that we’ll all (Mum included) have a piece for lunch tomorrow. That takes care of that then.

In conclusion, I really liked the flavours of the toppings, and I loved working with the dough. It’s not the type of pizza base we like however, we prefer it much thinner, and that’s another reason I’ll try the Pioneer Woman recipe sometime in the future. But this was good and worth making.



2 thoughts on “Flatbread–or not so flat as it happened

  1. Thanks for making my Flatbread recipe! Yes, from your photos, I do think you would do better with less dough. This is meant to be a thin-crust rather than thick-crust or deep-dish pizza pie. But yours looks delicious, and I’m so glad you liked it. On a side note, I visited New Zealand 1 1/2 years ago, and adored it! I will go back.

    • Oh hey. Someone from further afield than little old New Zealand. Once I get a recipe I like for making a thin crust I’ll be making it again. Thanks for the recipe 🙂 And you’ll have to visit NZ again, it’s so beautiful, and we need the tourist dollar 😉

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