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Rum & Raisin Ice Cream

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I’ve been looking at ice cream makers for months now. In the beginning I would look every day at the same website. I wanted one bad.

Then Chris visited Christchurch and we dawdled our way around The Homestore at Merivale Mall and I saw the ice cream maker. And it was very plastic-y looking. The coloured units were much worse.

Then I started to get email updates from the website I’d been looking on a daily basis. And they had the next model up on special. But still I didn’t get it.

But I’m happy to report that I’m now the proud owner for a Cuisinart Ice Cream maker, so I’ll have to find something else to drool over on a daily basis (I’ve got a list!).

In anticipation of getting an Ice Cream maker I’d been pinning a few recipes. I found one during the week for Rum & Raisin Ice Cream. I know it’s a favourite of Mums, and Mr Fussy is very keen on Whittaker’s Rum & Raisin chocolate so he must therefore be a fan of those flavour combinations in ice cream, right?


There’s two camps when it comes to making the base of an ice cream, and I chose the more fiddly custard ice cream. I’m not easily put off the perceived trickier road.

However having never made a custard base for an ice cream I had to hope the instructions, and more importantly, my interpretation of them, were correct.


I had my handy dandy thermometer to use to ensure the custard reached 170-175 deg F. But I never quite felt like I got the “coat the back of a spoon” visual. But I soldiered on.


I put the custard into the fridge and went out, and Mr Fussy and I bought a car. You know, something to help pass the time of day while you wait for your custard to get cold.


Now came the most anticipated moment. Getting to use the new Ice Cream maker. It said 25-35 minutes. I could be that patient. But at 45 minutes when there was no sign of a single icicle I decided my ice cream was doomed. And as I read the instruction book and found those words that basically forbid adding alcohol (until the last 5 minutes) I knew why it just wasn’t to be.

However I wasn’t prepared to toss it all down the drain without seeing if I could rescue the custard.

So having checked online and found nothing in my brief moments of searching I poured it into the mixing bowl and spent 15 minutes whipping it, and finally we had enough air whipped in there that I had hope it wasn’t completely doomed. And I know you’re all quite observant and noticed the photo at the top, you can see that it sort of came out OK.

I used this recipe on the Saveur website.


We weren’t out of the woods though. I knew I’d have to take a peek several hours later to see if it was going to freeze, or would I be left with a thickened cream. And if so, what would I use it with?

After 4 hours it was starting to show promise. I gave it a stir.

This morning I was hoping for great things. All the raisins had sunk, that didn’t surprise me but it wasn’t really hard enough. I gave it another stir, sort of folding it to get those drunken raisins to incorporate better.


And there they are, peeking through what ended up being a little bit icy. Despite having pat it all down to make it flat and even on top I suspect folding the almost ice cream put enough air between the folds that it iced a bit.

I’ve never had Rum & Raisin Ice Cream, though I’ve shared a few cakes of Whittaker’s Rum & Raisin chocolate before.

Mum said it was really nice and commented on the taste of rum and that the raisins were whole. Mum said usually the raisins have been chopped. I had some jumbo raisins in there.

Mr Fussy said there was a very distinct flavour of rum given he knew there was vanilla in there. Talking of which you can see those little vanilla beans in the melted ice cream.


So it’s back to the drawing board for me. I’m keen as to use the Ice Cream maker ASAP to prove that it was the alcohol and not a malfunction of the machine. I’ve discussed adding the top of the Christmas Cake (I need to slice a bit off to make it flat) but Mr Fussy screwed his nose up not understanding why you’d make Cookies and Cream ice cream, so why would you add bits of cake.

Something fruity then? Maybe I can pick up some cheap strawberries again.

If you’ve got a favourite recipe let me know. I’m happy to work my way through a list.


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