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Artisan bread in 5 minutes a day–it’s true

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I’ve really enjoyed the Crusty No Knead bread. And I’ve made some changes to make it easier to work with, with a slightly less chewy crust and not so difficult to cut.

Thanks to using the Yellow Lid Edmonds Yeast and High Grade Flour.

But during my “refinement phase” I came across a similar sort of recipe, same ingredients but different method. Its Artisan bread in 5 minutes a day (AB5M).

The similarities are that they are dead easy and quick to make, and they’re baked in the oven after a period of time just sitting about, and both baked in a cast iron pot. Though the AB5M is usually baked on a pizza stone of the like.


I have to admit to being a little apprehensive about how this would turn out. First there’s the stickiness of the dough which I then have to mould/shape into a ball. There’s a bit of an art to this, but as I found out, it’s not tricky. And the dough wasn’t so sticky that you were left juggling a slimy misbehaved piece of dough.


I know that photo looks like everything I said it wasn’t. But it’s true. It wasn’t difficult to handle, it wasn’t a soupy mess. And it did come together to form a ball with relative ease. I admit to having watched a video of theirs a few times to make sure I really understood the action of forming a ball.


I need man hands. The first bit of dough I formed into a ball (the one of the left) was just a big roll rather than a loaf of bread. And even though I grabbed a much larger piece of dough, it was still on the smallish side. However it did work out perfect for the 3 of us for lunch.


You place the ball you’ve formed onto a piece of baking paper, which I sprinkled with Semolina Flour (ordinary flour will do), let it rest for 40 minutes, sprinkle a bit of flour over the all, use the bread knife to make some slashes in it (which is really important) and dump the lot into the heated cast iron pot.

Bob’s your Uncle!


You can get the “Master” recipe for the Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a day here.

I’ve just made some more this evening after work. And it’s truly no more than 5 minutes to get it sorted and ready for the oven. I’m going to be enjoying my sammies tomorrow. These are not them though. These were the sandwiches made on Sunday with my very first loaf. Dress up the bread as you like or have it with a really good quality Olive Oil.


This recipe is a keeper. So much so that I’ve bought a plastic container specifically for the purpose of keeping this dough in the fridge.

And I can confirm the smell of the yeast at least is more pronounced with a longer period of sitting around.

And lastly, being that I love kitchen gadgets, I’m going to buy the Danish Whisk which you can get on TradeMe.


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