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Portuguese Dinner–It was really good

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Before I get stuck in and explain what I made and where the recipes came from I need to tell you this: as I was tidying up after dinner I heard the words “It was really good”. It took me a beat to register what was actually said, and by who. Mr Fussy liked dinner. He doesn’t often comment without coaxing, and he doesn’t utter the words “really good”. So this dish is really something.


A couple of months back I came across a food blog that had a recipe for Portuguese Meatballs.

I’ve got to be honest and say I really don’t know where Portugal is, or what their cuisine is. But the recipe was not complicated and the ingredients nothing too outlandish so I bookmarked the website to make “later”. Later came last Saturday.

The only thing that stumped me was the Portuguese Rice suggested as an accompaniment.

I admit to Googling Portuguese Rice while standing in the aisle at the Supermarket. There was nothing out of the ordinary in the way of ingredients and I had everything I needed but the rice at home (pretty important part of the dish don’t you think?).


I typically don’t add eggs when I’m making meatballs or hamburgers, this recipe called for two of them. But what a huge difference those eggs make. These meatballs were so light. They made my other go-to recipe seem dense and heavy by comparison. I like my other recipe, so I’ll just add some egg next time and see how they turn out.

The flavour of these meatballs were really nice. The Chorizo sausage didn’t really shine like I expected. I honestly thought this meal would have a bit more fire in it. Me being shy of spice and heat and all that.

The meatballs were a little sticky so I flagged rolling them in more egg before rolling them in flour.

The rice was super easy. Everything seems to be so much easier if you’ve prepared all the ingredients first.


Mr Fussy isn’t keen on rice at all. The reasons for this are still not clear to me. But he was quite taken by the flavours of this rice. It was good, but again lacked the real kick I expected. Although the Coriander (cilantro) was obvious. I’m undecided if I like it or not.

I found that I needed to add a bit more salt. It seemed almost bland (except that Coriander!), but a dash more salt and it came alive.


While I made up the whole recipe for the meatballs, I froze almost 400gm of the meatballs to make for another night when it’s just the two of us.

I halved the recipe for the Portuguese Rice. But I probably could have made more since it went down so well. There was some left over of the rice too, but had I made the full recipe we’d have been able to reheat it quickly to have with a mid-week meal.

There were enough meatballs and rice for Mr Fussy to take to work for lunch. He told me that lots of people were asking who had the great smelling lunch. He was pretty proud to put his hand up. And he told me the meatballs re-heated well in the microwave.

Given the high praise for this meal, I reckon you too should put it on your “must try” list.


The recipe for the Portuguese Meatballs by Family Foodie.

The recipe for the Portuguese Rice.




PS, I find that pop up on the Food Network site to be really annoying. Just saying.


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