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Ham & Cheese Puff – a quick dinner idea

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This quick dish is a bit like a Bacon & Egg pie, but with Ham and Cheese. See, really similar.

Ok, they’re both made with puff pastry and take about the same amount of time at the same oven temperature to cook.

Ham & Cheese Puff

You’ll need a couple of Puff Flaky Pastry sheets (or you could make and/or roll your own – I like the convenience of ready rolled), some ham, make it as special as you want, and some Gruyere cheese, a bit of Dijon mustard and butter. Oh, and an egg wash.

The recipe is and Ina Garten one.

You can read up on the link for the exact measurements.

I made two of these, used 400gm of Shaved Champagne ham and 300gm of Gruyere cheese. I only used 2Tbs of butter with 1Tbs of Dijon mustard. A light sprinkling of ground pepper and a bit of egg wash. Simple, and tasty.

Once I made a crock pot chicken dish and put too much mustard in. That nearly put me off mustard for life. Not that I’m a big fan of mustard anyway.

And here’s how it all comes together.

Ham & Cheese Puff1

As it turns out we only needed the one. That means we’ve got a nice easy lunch for work during the week. The cheese and ham looks even better when the “pie” is cold. Wish I’d taken a photo then. But I’m too lazy, and my word is good. You’ll have to trust me.

I’ll be having mine tomorrow for dinner. I’ve got a Dentist appointment for another crown straight after work. Spare me a thought when I’ve got my mouth open for an hour while we wait for a cement cast to be taken. Why they can’t use the one taken about 3 months ago I don’t know. At least this time I don’t have a cold. Have you ever been to the dentist when you’ve got a cold? It’s not at all pleasant. Don’t get me started on the dental assistant jabbing the suction thingee so hard into the bottom of my mouth.

I really wish I didn’t have such a sweet tooth.


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