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Spicy Fruit Buns


I think I’ve cracked it. The Raisin Bread has been perfected, according to Mr Fussy, and was transformed into buns last Saturday.

Real butter with buns

I spent a couple of evenings looking at Hot Cross Bun recipes to see if the recipes were close to the ingredients and proportions of the Raisin Bread recipe.

I didn’t really know if a bread loaf would convert to buns without any further tweaking.

Giving up on tracking down a recipe with similar proportions (flour mostly) I decided to stop fluffing about and ask Google straight if you can make buns from a load recipe.

And the answer ….. of course you can!

I wish I’d asked the question a day earlier.

A single spicy fruit bun

I was pretty chuffed these worked out, but there’s still a bit of tweaking in making the rolls the size I want.

I went with what I’ve read, 2oz a roll. And yes I got the scales out. The dough prior to adding the raisins and half packet of Mixed Peel was 600gm. I would have gotten 10 buns. But then I added the fruit and recalculated based on 2oz and it worked out as 16 buns.

What I’ve realised is that it’s better to have 2oz of dough per bun. So next time I’ll take whatever the weight and divide it by 10. My assumption is the dough sans fruit and peel will still be 600gm.

Making spicy fruit buns

The dough was quite sticky after adding in the half packet of mixed peel. I had to ask Mr Fussy to cup his hand and scoop a bit of flour and shake it over the bench. My hands were sticky and busy with the dough. While he stood behind me watching and waiting for the next instruction, he said “The raisins are all coming out!” and as I started to explain what I was doing, I realised there was a hint of anxiety in his voice. I stopped what I was doing and gave the necessary reassurance they would not be lost. It made me smile. This is how much Mr Fussy loves his fruit, and hot cross buns.

This is the first recipe where I’ve seen real change in size of the dough on the second rise. The Blueberry Lemon Scrolls are the only other bread recipe where I’m making individual buns/scrolls and they don’t show a lot of change during the 40 odd minutes waiting for the 2nd rise.

texture of the buns

The texture is just right for a bun, but they weren’t as high as I would like. Hopefully making the recipe into 10 or 12 buns  rather than 16 will rectify that.

The recipes I had read said the buns (hot cross buns that is) should be glazed with warm apricot jam.

I’m all for that when I make these into hot cross buns, but since I was calling these Spicy Fruit Buns I decided to heat a little of the Lemon Marmalade I had, which I used on the Lemon Cream Tart. I got distracted and could hear some popping. I was calling out to Mr Fussy asking what that noise was when I realised it was the marmalade. It had gotten quite thick, so I added some orange juice which I’d squeezed to use in the Orange Cupcakes I was making at the same time. The marmalade had a lovely citrus flavour. I didn’t put the marmalade though a sieve as was suggested when making proper hot cross buns. I liked the extra texture on the top of the buns. I really felt these were fruit buns and not hot cross buns. Though the transition will be really simple.

Lemon marmalade glazed buns

If you’re wondering where the other 4 buns are, they were in a separate dish. We decided that 12 was more than the 3 of us could eat for lunch so I might as well not bake them. However they had already had their second rise when we decided not to bake them.

I put the other 4 buns into the fridge with the intention of baking them up on Sunday. As it happened no one was home for lunch Sunday so I baked them up on Monday night. They had dried out a little in the fridge and didn’t bake up as well. I ate them Tuesday but I’m not sure I could recommend leaving them in the fridge prior to the second rise because I’ve not done that myself yet.

Drenched in butter

The changes I’ll make when it comes to March, a more acceptable time to start eating hot cross buns, are:

  • Pipe crosses with a flour and water paste
  • Glaze with warmed, strained, Apricot Jam


The final mix of spices that have perfected the taste of the Raisin Bread recipe:

3 tsp (1 Tbs for non-Australian readers) Cinnamon

1 tsp Mixed Spice

1 tsp Ginger

1/4 tsp Cardamom

1/4 tsp Nutmeg


2 thoughts on “Spicy Fruit Buns

  1. Looking good! I saw some Hot Cross Buns in the supermarket shortly after Christmas. Nothing much to look forward to these days – but homemade have to be practised! Especially when tweaking is involved. Gosh I’m feeling fat these days! No buns for me!

    • Hi Alison, I too recall our first supermarket visit of the New Year seeing the hot cross buns. I felt like we hadn’t yet recovered from Christmas and they’d started with Easter. Way too soon. I’ll be eating HCB because it’s a rear time to slather on much real butter and not feel completely guilty. But I best not relax on the running and cycling.

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