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An oldie but a goodie–Afghan Biscuits


Afghan Biscuit

Mr Fussy and I rarely have a disagreement. We don’t argue. We don’t even really have lively debates. I don’t know if that makes us boring, weird or a match made in heaven. I’m going for the latter. But we don’t agree whether Afghan biscuits should have walnuts or not.

Is it a discussion topic in your household? We don’t really discuss. We know we have differing opinions. And I know mine is the only one that counts Winking smile  In the kitchen.


Making Afghan biscuits isn’t about making use of ingredients already in the pantry. Mr Fussy has Honey Puffs for breakfast. Unless it’s pancakes. But for most of his life he’s eaten nothing more than Honey Puffs for breakfast. A creature of habit? I had to add Cornflakes to the shopping list. I’d meant to do it for several weeks and kept forgetting. But here we are, a bowl full of cornflakes not destined for breakfast but for baking.

Ready for the oven

There’s no raising agent in the biscuits so while the Edmonds Cook Book calls for spoonfuls, I did flatten them, because I used a generous dessert spoon. I made 11 biscuits. You’d normally make them much smaller, the walnut on top (see, you need it as a guide!) would be a little smaller than the size of the biscuit.

Afghan Biscuits from the Edmonds Cookery Book


200gm butter, room temperature

75gm sugar

25gm cocoa – I used Dutch processed

175gm flour

50gm Cornflakes


Heat the oven to 180degrees Celsius

Cream the butter and sugar until pale and fluffy.

Scape down the bowl if necessary.

Sift the flour and cocoa then add the dry ingredients to the creamed mixture.

With the mixer on low combine the flour and cocoa into the creamed mixture.

Add the Cornflakes and very slowly mix until the Cornflakes are combined.

Put spoonfuls onto a baking tray lined with baking paper (you decide the size of the biscuit, they wont spread).

Flatten the dough using your fingers if you wish.

Bake for 15 minutes, rotating the tray half way through to ensure even baking.

Leave the biscuits on the baking tray until they are cooled.

Transfer to a cooling rack.

Ice with chocolate icing and a walnut if you’re daring.

When Mr Fussy is asked about chocolate icing, and given the choice of cocoa or chocolate he always goes for chocolate.

I used both milk chocolate drops and 50% Chocolate by Whittaker’s. A bit of room temperature butter and some icing sugar and a little hot water to achieve a spreadable but reasonably stiff consistency.

Walnuts or no walnuts

As expected, Mr Fussy screwed his nose up at the biscuits with a walnut on. He’s got 6 and I have 5 with a walnut. Though I wont be eating them all. I’m off again to Nelson Tuesday morning for the rest of the week. Travelling away means I miss out on some home comforts, like the convenience of grabbing a muffin out of the freezer or a cookie from the Tupperware container.

Walnuts for me

It doesn’t get better than this though. Walnuts for the win!


6 thoughts on “An oldie but a goodie–Afghan Biscuits

  1. I don’t like walnuts but I would never make Afghan biscuits without them. Even though I would then take it off again to eat mine.

  2. I wonder if it’s because people keep the walnuts in the pantry and they get rancid? Mind you, I often wonder how old they are in the shops! We have a tree at the hospital where I work so weall get a share each April – mine go in the freezer straight away.

    • You might be right Alison, though Mr Fussy doesn’t like any nut. Well he likes Pinenuts, but that’s it. I don’t know why he doesn’t like them, whether he had a bad experience or it’s just a personal preference. Lucky you getting a share of walnuts from the tree. I’ve never thought to put them in the freezer. I’ve seen one of the Farmers Markets have a stall from a walnut grower. Love me some walnuts.

  3. I’m with Mum; they definitely should have the walnut on….it’s not an afghan without them, but I always take it off to eat mine as I don’t like them 😉 Crazy right?!?!?

    • You’re both quite funny, you’re purists but don’t actually eat them 🙂 At least you recognise it’s not an Afghan without them 🙂

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