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Royal Icing Decorated Cookies–Part 1


First off, it feels good to be back in the kitchen. I know it was only one weekend, but I did miss it, even though I wouldn’t have traded that for time with Mr Fussy in Queenstown over the Easter weekend, and what was his birthday.

I have been keen to give Royal Icing cookie decorating another bash, and while I’m not where I want to finish this weekend, I thought I’d share what I’ve gotten up to so far.

Happy Birthday Dayna

This isn’t really what I’m aiming for with this weekends decorating adventure, but it was my niece’s birthday today so I deviated from my plan and made some fondant flowers and a couple of butterflies – my Cake Stuff order arrived by courier and had the butterfly cookie cutter inside – to add to one of the cookies I’d baked and flooded with Royal Icing.

Please don’t be too harsh judging the wobbly writing. I’ve realised since doing this that I should have had the icing thinned down, this was the stiff icing consistency. Plus I’d only practiced writing Dayna’s name twice before bravely taking to the cookie with a number 1 Wilton tip.

LorAnn Oils

I used the same recipe for the cookies as I did with the Easter cookies. The difference this time was my butter wasn’t room temperature. It was really cold this morning, and I only took the butter out of the fridge about an hour before I began. I also didn’t use Almond essence, instead I used one of the LorAnn Oils I’d previously bought. I bought this one from Etsy before finding out Cake Stuff sell the oils.

Just a little goes a long way

I didn’t know how much of the oil I needed. A quick search online said that most LorAnn oils are 3 times the potency of an essence. So with that in mind I used just one dropper full.  That’s not very much. Mr Fussy couldn’t make out the flavour, and even when I said what it was he wasn’t sure he could detect it. I can get a hint of caramel but I have to admit that if I didn’t know I’d probably miss it too. Next time I’ll add a little more.

Beautiful copper

I’m extremely fond of the copper cookie cutters I recently purchased from CopperGifts in the States. Each copper cookie cutter is handmade. The depth is perfect. Plenty of solid cutter to grab to extract from the dough, unlike the Wilton ones I got (because the metal ones had sold out).


Cookie dough consistency

I had in mind to make an aqua coloured Royal Icing. But I knew I didn’t have an Americolor squeeze bottle.  As I was getting all of my stuff from the spare room I spotted a Wilton aqua gel colour. Perfect!

Aqua flooded cookies

While those cutters were fantastic, the shapes are quite difficult to pipe. I wonder if I shouldn’t have tried to repeat the scalloped shape in the icing and just pipe it in the general shape. That would work for the oval, but the scallops in the circle and square are too deep i.e. too much cookie would be undecorated.

Blank canvas

I used the left over Royal Icing which I’d frozen after I decorated the Easter cookies. I was really surprised that the stiff RI and the flood consistency RI hadn’t frozen like normal buttercream frosting does.

I snipped the end off the Glad Snap Lock bag and squeezed the icing into a little bowl and stirred it all up to properly distribute the water.

I then used this really neat way to wrap up the icing so as not to use so many disposable piping bags. The link is to Karen’s Cookies YouTube demonstration. It worked so well. I just rotated through two piping bags. It was incredibly tidy.

I had 32 cookies, all medium to large size. I ran out of the Easter RI with 5 cookies to go. I couldn’t figure out what colour I didn’t have. I made some light blue RI to finish off the rest of the cookies.

Now I wait until tomorrow before I give Brush Embroidery decorating a try. I might yet use some of the fondant flower I made today as well. Though Mr Fussy has asked me not to make them “pretty”.  Maybe he’s getting a few funny looks at work. I wonder what excuses he’s making for my new found desire to add just one more embellishment to whatever it is I’m baking.


6 thoughts on “Royal Icing Decorated Cookies–Part 1

  1. Anota, that is so pretty – makes me want to put down the quilting and play icing again. You might like to check out Ecrandal cookie cutters too. They are handmade by a small family business in the USA. They will even make to order. I have a couple of lovely shapes.

    Nice to see you back posting.


    • Hi Alison, I hope you’re feeling better and allowed back into the kitchen. I’d just heard about Ecrandal, they’re moving premises at the moment and have 20% their stock. I heard about them through Sweetopia’s website. I’m going to have another look, they’re a few $ more expensive but a few $ cheaper in estimated shipping. Which shapes do you have Alison?

  2. Hi again. Will have to get better glasses if i keep using the ipad and misspelling all the time,

    i have a beautiful dress cutter, strapless with a gorgeous sort of bell shaped skirt, and a 4″ plaque, like yours with the shapes but longer and more curvy. Each cutter can be slightly different as they are all individually handmade. I just love that they are supporting their whole family by making special heirloom cutters. Would love the little bird. Perhaps a group of us should order at once and split the postage?

    My skin is much better after a dose of steroids and should stay okay now that the stinging heat has gone.


    • I’m biting the bullet Alison and going to put through an order tonight. Let me know by 9pm if there’s anything you’d like. If you do want anything, maybe we just share the freight as cost / number of items. Plus the shipping to get the cutters to you. Cheers

  3. I would love just one cutter – 2550 Cheep Bird Cookie Cutter – medium size. Will share the freight plus the cost to get it to me. Thanks so much for trusting me.


    • All done Alison. Exchange rate is really good and if the shipping is what they stated as I paid, then it was only US$5. I might have had 1 or 5 cutters myself, qualifying for free shipping had we lived in the States. Seems like they’ve discounted the shipping for International orders too. I assume they’ll send a confirmation when the cutters are sent so we’ll have an idea when they’ll arrive. You can contact me at ontotheplate@gmail.comwith your address details when you’re ready. Cheers.

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