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Royal Icing Decorated Cookies–Part 2


Ok, so here it is. It was  hard going at times because it wasn’t going as well as I hoped. I’ve read so many people saying Brush Embroidery is so forgiving. But I found it difficult. Perhaps because my paint brush wasn’t quite the right shape, it was pointy rather than a squared end. And my RI wasn’t the right consistency. The YouTube videos don’t exactly say what consistency you need. I knew it wasn’t stiff as in just made stiff, but it wasn’t as loose as flooding consistency. There’s a lot of space between those two.

I’m also not very good at just making a petal on a blank cookie. I think I’m one of those paint by numbers type of people. Despite all the less than perfect shapes and the almost always awful leaves, I sort of managed to get it toward the end, if only I were better with thinking up images of flowers.

Purple brush embroidery

The lavender cookie is not the cookie I started with. I wanted to save my two square cookies until I was comfortable with the design and technique. But it never really gelled with me, so this was as good as it got.

Green brush embroidery

Despite not knowing what I was going to do with this unusual shape, the same design did work. And this is perhaps one of the better leaves.

Lacey design with flowers

I actually enjoyed this design better. Well the lacy work around the edge. The flowers were meant to be piped with a Wilton 103, I had a 104 and my icing was too sloppy to get the effect I was going for in the petals. I added more and more of the stiff icing to the light blue icing to try and make it stiffer, but it never quite got to where I wanted, and I was worried I’d leave myself short for the brush embroidery (these were the first cookies I decorated, but I left the flowers until I had the white icing ready to use).

Square scalloped cookies

As it transpired, the square scalloped cookie was the hardest to design with. I wasn’t sure how the brush embroidery would work (I started with the lacy patterns ). Don’t look too closely because one of them isn’t equal (which bothers me no end). And the orange cookie I’d already piped and scraped off the icing, not once, but twice.

flowers, two styles

Yesterday when I’d been flooding the cookies I used the technique for filling a piping bag I’d seen on YouTube. I never had a problem. But today when I put the white icing in I was spinning the Gladwrap tube around and it split. Which actually is quite funny until you realise your reactions are a bit delayed and you’re still spinning the jolly thing around and around and now you’ve got icing down your sweatshirt (yes it’s still there) and on your face. (Mr Fussy never let on, it wasn’t until I went to the bathroom some time later I saw it. And he tells me he was itching to take a photo of me. That would have given the game away.) Finally it dawned on me to stop spinning it round and round. Scooping it up off the bench, from the chopping board and squeezing it from the Gladwarp back into a bowl (which I had to wash while trying to nurse the mess) was like watching a scene from Fawlty Towers.

The second attempt was perfect, but I was a little hesitant, as you can imagine.

So I think out of all of the cookies, this one might be my favourite. The two above are very close 2nd and 3rd, and you have to ignore the brush embroidery not really sweeping all the way across to meet the inside petals. So much to learn. If only I had taken notice before it had dried.

My pretty

Mr Fussy had asked me not to make the cookies pretty. I promised not to put any of the fondant flowers on it like the one I made for Dayna yesterday. But that’s all I promised. I asked if he was ok with these. Not that he had a choice. He’ll manage Smile


4 thoughts on “Royal Icing Decorated Cookies–Part 2

  1. Anita these are so lovely. You are far too hard on yourself.

    • Thanks Mum. I don’t think I’m being hard on myself, just admitting the brush embroidery just isn’t for me. I think it looks beautiful on Sweetambs website. Maybe I’ll give it another crack if I get the right type of brush and figure out the icing consistency.

  2. Anita they are just gorgeous, I am so impressed.

    • Thanks Gerry. Is it sad I’ve been awake for too long due to the change in daylight savings and have been thinking about other designs 😉

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