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Royal Icing Roses and other cookies

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Fondant roses

Last night I had my first practice of making Royal Icing roses. I knew my RI wasn’t quite stiff enough.  Amber from SweetAmbs warns against adding more icing sugar, rather to add stiff RI to help change the consistency. But I wasn’t making any more RI so I just bit the bullet. My first rose was the best.

Wilton 352 tip

My Wilton 352 tip arrived from the UK during the week so I was dead keen to try out piping the leaves. The RI is from the same batch of not quite stiff enough, but I rebelled and added more icing sugar because I knew these had to stand on their own. Some did, some didn’t (spot the ones at the back). The tip is quite cool to use. Next time I make leaves I’ll go for a darker shade.

There’s so much to learn, and remember.

I also decided to give the brush embroidery another shot. I still don’t have the right brush but the one I used was better suited than last week’s and the RI while not “stiff” was stiffer than last week.

Brush Embroidery B&P

I bought the Decorating technique bundle from SweetAmbs website. It was good to watch and to find out how to make the colours slightly different. For all that, mixing colour during the evening isn’t the best idea for trying to get colours right. The pink is Electric Pink. That was very bright. I added a little chocolate brown to it just to take the edge off the brightness and to give it a little more of an antique type colour. I used Royal Blue and did the same, added a small bit of black. I dipped a toothpick into the squeeze bottle and just added a touch to the blue.

I also used the same pink for the RI roses. That was quite difficult. I kept getting a brighter and brighter pink. I wanted it deeper, not brighter. So I added some red. The change in colour was remarkable. So I added some Royal Purple. Yes I had no idea what I was doing. I ended up with a sort of hot pink colour.

Pink & Blue

I had seen on Facebook SweetAmbs collection of cookies she was selling on her Etsy store as Mother’s Day cookies. I really liked the look of the swirled rose design, and it looked really simple. It was really simple.

Swirled roses

It took more time and effort to flood the icing and put them into piping bags. I really had to think about what I needed when, and what colours I needed. In fact I wrote it all out on a notepad first. I had the designs I wanted to make, whether it was flood or stiff consistency and what tips I would need.

Unfortunately I’m onto my last 4 12” Wilton disposable piping bags. Just as well I’d discovered that trick about putting the icing into Gladwrap to make it easy to swap colours out and quickly reuse the piping bag. I had the light and dark pink, and light and dark green in the disposable bags, and the white flood consistency icing in my good piping bag. What I discovered is how much I rely on actually seeing what’s going on in the piping bag. I felt quite blind with the proper piping bag. I was working by feel and trying to judge how much icing I had left and whether it was enough for another cookie.

Wet on wet

I didn’t waste any, when I ran out of white I used what else I had. And then I got to practice more wet on wet designs. My green cookie has a somewhat Christmas feel about it.

scribe tool

Last Saturday while I was flooding cookies I was wishing my new scribe tool had arrived. Little did I know it was sitting in the mailbox. If only I had stopped to take 2 minutes to check. But it got plenty of use today. I really like it for being able to get the finest of flicks of icing. I used it instead of the toothpick which I’ve used up until now. It is taking some getting used to for trying to get the edges of the icing in the right shape and equal distance all the way around. I would hold the toothpick quite low down. The scribe bit of the new tool is about 2 inches long and it’s taking some adjusting. I’m still not comfortable with it, but it made the wet on wet work really easy.

Mr Fussy at least has some more masculine looking “pretty” cookies to take to work with him. He ate one of the pink at lunchtime. I laughed realising that it was because home was safe, and it was one less pink one that he might have to have. But there’s enough blue and white cookies, albeit with roses all over most of them.

This week I added 1/2 teaspoon of Cardamom and orange zest to the cookie dough. I really don’t have any real feelings about it. But I don’t think I’ll do it again.

I really want to find a good chocolate or spice cookie recipe. I think Sweetopia has one of each. Next week hopefully I’ll have nutted that out, and a new technique to try.


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