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Hitting the jackpot with this Caramel White Chocolate cupcake

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In case you didn’t know, my favourite flavour is caramel. I don’t think I’ve mentioned my favourite chocolate. White. I love Milky Bar. The Whittaker’s White chocolate is also nice but not as creamy as Milky Bar.

But the Pièce de résistance goes to Lindt White Chocolate. Have you tried it before?

Lindt White Chocolate balls

Today’s baking was going to be a non-rushed casual affair where I tried a bunch of different tips and tricks I’ve been reading up on during the past week or so.

They included:

Single cupcake liner vs. double

Lower oven temperature on fan bake/forced

Covering the cupcakes immediately they are out of the oven

Trying a fondant covered cupcake


For several weeks now I’ve had it on my mind to add the Lindt balls to cupcakes. My sister, Natalie, had bought me several packages of them back from their holiday trip during the New Year. They were immediately put into the freezer.

Last weekend when I made the Lemon Cupcakes I knew the density of the batter was right for balls of heavenly sweet white chocolate to be plonked in but not ruined by sinking fast to the bottom.

Batter and balls

I varied the recipe a little as I mentioned in my notes in the Lemon Cupcake recipe.

These are the changes I made to today’s batter, which was using 1/2 the ingredients from the recipe for the cupcakes:

  • Added 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • Replaced milk for buttermilk
  • Added 1/4 tsp caramel flavour by Lorann Oils
  • Used 1/2 tsp vanilla extract

* If you’re making the full batter as per the Lemon Cupcake recipe, you’ll need to double the additional baking powder and caramel flavour from my changes above.

* For the frosting I added a little caramel flavour (and it’s all gone now), there’s no vanilla extract in the frosting.

I used my little cookie scoop and added two to each cupcake liner (I had doubled 3 of the cupcake liners for my experiment). Then I unwrapped my frozen Lindt Chocolate balls and placed one in the middle before spooning about a teaspoon of batter over the top.

A surprise lays in wait

I used a toothpick to mix my 2 scoops of batter to the bottom so they didn’t settle like two distinct scoops, and then I used the toothpick again to move the batter around to make sure each chocolate ball was completely covered.

And as soon as 6 minutes into baking I was holding my breath and begging these little beauties not to overflow onto the pan, because yes, I had overfilled them, as it turns out.

A little too much batter

No judging how cloudy my oven door is. The photo on the left is at 6 minutes the photo on the right is after 16 minutes.

With the oven set at just 150 degrees Celsius, these cupcakes took 24 minutes to bake. Last time I got 15 cupcakes, this time just 12, but I could have probably gotten 15 if I’d not used quite as much batter, and saved myself the angst of overfilling and thwarting some of my plans on decorating them.

hole in one

I’ve got a little crater in that front cupcake. And the overfilling was salvageable. None spilled so much that they stuck to the tray.

So as soon as I’d taken my photos these cupcakes were put directly into a Tupperware container to allow the moisture to be absorbed into the cupcakes keeping them moist.

Double trouble

So, to the question about whether doubling the cupcake liners is worthwhile or not. The two front cupcakes, the the right cupcake with the Baby Shower (yes, that’s what it is) liner are doubles. So the Baby Shower liner on the left and the one on the far right cupcakes are single lined.

I think I’ve decided that it’s better to bake them single lined, and then shove them into a second liner when they’re ready to serve. Partly too because as these cupcakes were sitting in the container, building up a good sweat, the 2nd liner started to pull away. So that left it sagging and looking a little unhappy.

CWCCC Lindt balls

This is what I’m talking about. This cupcake has the second liner added at the point of serving (well photographing, I haven’t yet gobbled this one up).

I did manage to make a fondant top. It wasn’t the best because:

  • The cupcake was too full meaning I didn’t have an edge to the liner to bring my frosting down to.
  • The top wasn’t perfectly round, probably related to the overfilling, maybe
  • The round cutter set I have didn’t have quite the right size. I needed a size between what I used, and the next one up. I’ve since grabbed out my Ateco Round set and I think I’ve got the right size. I’ll have to wait another week to try this again.

So what did it look like?

Fondant covered

I was having fun in the kitchen with embossing mats/folders. So I made some little fondant flowers while I was at it. And then added it to a cupcake. This is probably NOT Mr Fussy’s cupcake. Besides he doesn’t want any questions about why he’s got a cupcake with a baby themed liner

fondant flowers

But he might be brave enough to take this one.

Fondant topper

I forgot that I was going to add one of the fondant circles I’d made on ANZAC day while puddling about in the kitchen. I’d already frosted the cupcakes with the Wilton 1M tip. Oh well. I just added it and squished down on the icing. This cupcake will make your teeth hurt, not from the dried fondant, but the cupcake is so rich without, well even without the frosting, but add to that the fondant topper and you’ll probably only be taking a mouthful and feeling like it’s time for a glass of milk.

Soft centred Lindt White Chocolate

As for the surprise filling. Look at that. I knew just looking at this and eating it with my eyes, that I would love it. After all, what’s not to love about  a caramel and white chocolate combo. But the chocolate was still soft and gooey and it’s rich and decadent and it’s thick and creamy.

I have to tell you that I’ll be reluctantly sharing these during the week with Mr Fussy.

Cupcake texture

As for the texture, well after adding some baking powder and swapping the milk for buttermilk the texture is still a little of the firm side by comparison to some cupcakes I’ve made. But I didn’t want the chocolate balls to sink to the bottom and you can see there’s a good big of cupcake under the chocolate. These are slightly lighter than the Lemon Cupcakes from last weekend, but still not close to being the super fluffy cupcakes that Mr Fussy is more fond of. Though he did enjoy this (rats!).

All I can say in summing up is I’m glad Natalie bought me 5 packages of white chocolate Lindt balls, because I’ll be making this again Open-mouthed smile


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