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Perhaps the best Vanilla Cupcakes ….. so far

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Here in New Zealand there was a Speights ad where the old guy said to the young guy “She’s a hard road finding the perfect woman, boy”.

I can’t imagine either of those Kiwi blokes fussing about in the kitchen making cupcakes, but finding the perfect cupcake recipe is about as elusive as finding the perfect woman.

But this recipe is about as close as I’ve come, though it’s not perfect. Thankfully the imperfections can’t be seen on a frosted cupcake.


I’ve been keen to find the right vanilla cupcakes for some time but especially keen because I’m making up a batch of cupcakes for a friend who is putting on a Baby Shower for her niece.

The photo above shows a frosting technique that is suitable for adding cupcake toppers. The cupcake topper is one of the first I made when I received the silicone moulds, and it’s a bit haphazard. I’ve learnt a few things along the way and I’d like to say I’ve improved.

Moving on.

I’d been looking for a recipe to make for Mother’s Day. Mum and my Sister and her family are joining us (Mr Fussy and my MIL) next Sunday and I wanted to make a nice cake and decorate it.

Anyway, the recipe I found was originally a cake but adapted for cupcakes. And it made either 2 x 9” cakes or 22-24 cupcakes. I made a cake and 12 cupcakes.

There’s a little twist on this recipe. It uses soft whipped cream which is then folded into the cupcake batter.

Soft whipped cream

Making a 9” cake also gave me a chance to use the Wilton Bake-Easy cake strips. I bought mine from an American seller on eBay but I’ve since seen these at Spotlight. I was a bit sceptical they would work as described. Once I tried to improvise and use a home-made version. It made a difference but didn’t result in a flat topped cake. I still had to trim it. And I’m not good at trimming. Anything that saves me that dubious job is worth the effort/time/expense in my opinion. And they worked. Well they worked on this cake.

Wilton Bake Easy

The cake is now in the freezer. I wish we had bigger freezers. Yes that’s freezers, plural. Both the same size. Both freestanding, both taller than me, but slim-line.  With the cake in the freezer I’m out of room for a second loaf of home-made bread.

Anyway, I expected the cupcakes to be really delicate, perhaps a little too soft and tender but they baked up nicely. They are softer than the recipe I’ve used the last couple of weeks but not as fluffy as others I’ve made, which I’ve felt aren’t really cakey enough.

Lindt White Chocolate balls

I tested to see how these would work with the Lindt White Chocolate balls like last week’s cupcakes. They sunk as you can see. And then the cupcake stuck to the paper liner. But the chocolate didn’t disappoint. Mr Fussy said they needed caramel in the frosting, like the ones I made last week.

Baby Shower topper

Here’s an example of how the Baby Shower cupcakes will be decorated. Nothing too fussy or garish. But I’ve got Apricot, Teal, Blue Green, Pink and White sets of the four silicone moulds I’ve been using.

I also used this as my final try at deciding if I need to double the cupcake liners for baking, or whether I add the 2nd liner after the cupcakes have baked. I think I’ve decided to add them after, but I could easily change my mind again Winking smile

Here’s some of the other fondant toppers I’ve made, just messing about in the kitchen on ANZAC day.

Fondant toppers

The recipe I used was another Sweetapolita recipe. Rosie calls her cupcakes Whipped Vanilla Dream Cupcakes. You can find the recipe by following this link.

I actually didn’t have a very good start to my morning baking. I had prepared Friday night for what I was doing this morning. I woke up doubting a measurement which resulted in me tossing out the premixed cake flour and other dry ingredients. Then I forgot I was halving another recipe and added twice the buttermilk I needed, and belatedly realised I’d kept the full amount of Baking Soda and Baking Powder. So that batter got tossed out too.

Still these turned out nice, and I had success making Caramel which I’ve previously ruined. And I made a lovely Italian Meatloaf and home made tomato sauce for dinner.  All experiences will be duly recorded on the blog.

Right now I’m headed for bed feeling somewhat worse for wear. A headache has come on and my face feels like it’s in a vice. Hopefully a good sleep will sort it out. For now here’s one last photo.

Fondant decoratons

Oh, I used my usual 50/50 mix of butter and kremelta for the frosting, it’s just vanilla, with a good dose of Vanilla Bean Paste.


One thought on “Perhaps the best Vanilla Cupcakes ….. so far

  1. Hi, I just wanted to let you know I have nominated you for the Super Sweet Blog Award 🙂 Stacie
    P.S. Speights is the thing my Hubby misses most about NZ, he can’t get it over here in Brisbane.

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