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A soccer ball cookie, and others


My Mum is travelling to Wellington this coming weekend and will be staying with my younger sister and her family. I made a special cookie for Dayna’s birthday. You know how it is with kids, you can’t turn up with an odd amount of anything and not expect someone to notice. Do you ever grow out of it?

I had a really packed weekend of things I wanted to get done, but somehow I squeezed in another batch of sugar cookies – flavoured with lemonade (it smelt like a lemonade popsicle).

This is a bit of a picture fest of where I began and the finished cookies.

I’ve got to say a soccer ball is NOT easy. I found a picture of a soccer ball and copied it to Word and printed it out. Then I took a sheet of acetate and traced the picture. It would become my stencil. But it wasn’t going to be easy. Those that can afford a KopyKat projector are smart people. They must make a tremendous difference and save a LOT of time.

The beginnings

I’d read a number of ways of getting the outline onto the cookie and I tried them. One was to poke a pin through each connecting point onto the cookie. You could then use a scribe if you wished to connect the dots. I tried that but it was so hard to see. The soccer ball I chose wasn’t the simplest. The other shape which was much easier could have been mistaken for a flower. Plus I didn’t want to use too much black.

In the end I cut out those middle four hexagons as a single piece. Then I traced around the outer circle and then traced around the 4 hexagons and then there was a lot of backward and forward of folding the outside part of the ball to align all the dots. The edible markers were the quickest way for me. Then I coloured the sections that would be piped black. I’d earlier worked out the order in which I’d pipe. I couldn’t pipe connecting sections since they’d likely flood into each other. It was going to take 4 goes before the soccer ball would be complete.

Outlines for butterflies

I also outlined the butterflies. The outling was dong Friday night. Laying in bed unable to sleep on Saturday I was thinking the section for the body was too wide and it would look odd. So I got up and used my little knife to cut the black sides of the body and where they connected to the wings and re-piped those bits.

Outlining sunflowers

I’d seen a YouTube from Alibeebu and had wanted to try the sunflowers at some point. Turns out I had the right cutter. I don’t have an airbrush so these aren’t exactly the same. My royal icing was actually too stiff, I even squeezed the icing back into the bowl and added a little more water and it was still too stiff.  A couple of times the icing would break. The points are all higgledy piggledy. But there’ll be another time and I’ll get closer to what the outlines should look like.

Decorating in stags

Outlines and the first stage of filling in the soccer balls. I also planned to make some more masculine cookies for Mr Fussy and thought outlining a few in black would get me off on the right foot. Actually I really liked using the black. They just define the cookie so nicely.

Wet on wet butterlies

You can see the reshaped wings on the butterflies now. And the soccer balls have had stages 2 and 3 completed. Just one section to go.

All this waiting for icing to dry. I’m not at all patient. I ended up squishing the sunflower petals through brushing off the black sanding sugar without realising the last petal (there’s 13 petals, Outline, then flood every even petal, then every odd petal and you’re still left with one to go, and it’s that petal that caught me out) wasn’t properly set and the brush, even with light strokes, dented the icing.

The butterflies were inspired by Marlyn of Montreal Confections.

And we’re all done.

Soccer ball


Blue and Purple


I still had some undecorated cookies left over so this morning I quickly decorated them. These are definitely Mr Fussy’s, nothing pretty or fancy about these. They remind me of handkerchiefs. And then there’s my favourite one which I can see a fish in (yes I have quite the imagination). Mr Fussy call it the Finding Nemo cookie. I guess he could see the fish too.

Manly designs

I started with the one top right. I was going to drag the scribe through but I really liked the way it looked as is. I really like the black in these. My BIL thinks the oval with the black, blue and yellow (right hand side, middle one) looks like a bus route. Well in Christchurch anyway where we have a grid system for the “city”.

And then picking up a tip that Marlyn mentioned in one of her videos, I made dots with the left over royal icing. Of course Marlyn monograms some of them, and does other fancy things so that they’re all good to go as an embellishment on another cookie. I guess I’ll get to that when I’m again pushed for time. Winking smile

Leftover Royal Icing

Yes, that was 8 colours I was playing with. And yes, the dark blue and the white dots have joined. Oops.


8 thoughts on “A soccer ball cookie, and others

  1. I wondered where you have been this weekend! Busy, busy, busy. Such attention to detail and lovely colours. Can I add another comment to the stripey iced bikkies – the bottom one reminded me of those plastic strip curtains that were hung in open doorways many moons ago! Ha! Sometimes we even saw beaded ones!

    What a lovely Mother’s day it has been – no kids to share it with (both live miles away) but hubby took me for a drive in the country and lunch at the old pub at Okoroire. Perfect.

    • Hi Alison. Ooh I know what you mean about those rubber strips. Though I only remember them being white and blue, often on the door of a fish and chip shop. That’s nice that you were still made a fuss for Mother’s Day, even sans “children”. Glad you enjoyed your day.

  2. Oh my goodness, your piping is fabulous. I have a serious case of cookie envy at the moment!

    • Thank you so much. I don’t always see beyond the things I could do better next time. It’s a journey of learning and it’s quite enjoyable. I could spend so much time and money on just cookies alone!

  3. These are amazing. They look great shown here but even more incredible in real life! Such talent 🙂 PS: Thanks for the lovely afternoon…such a treat. Everything you make is YUMMY!

  4. Wow Anita the cookies are really very, very good – spectacular even. As I have said before, perhaps you need to start a business! I would place an order! Your creative side is shining through 🙂

    • Thanks Louise 🙂 Plenty more practice needed yet for me to be 100% happy with them. But I’m happy enough that I’m heading in the right direction, and enjoying the experience. If ever you want an afternoon messing about with Royal Icing let me know 🙂

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