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Frosting techniques–Petal tip


While laying in bed watching YouTube videos on decorating Butterfly cookies I came across a video that used a Fondant Butterfly on a cupcake frosted using a petal tip.

ruffled petals

I really liked the look of the frosting and decided I would try it at some stage.

The decoration used the Wilton 61 petal tip, which I happened to have. The most popular petal tip I’ve seen used so far is the 104, which I have two.

61 and 104

The 61 is on the left, which makes the one on the right the 104. The 61 has a curve and it gets that little ruffle happening in the frosting.


Look at those petal all soft and floating.

I had made another batch of the Caramel cupcakes with the Lindt white chocolate balls hidden inside and served them at the Mother’s Day afternoon tea. I was going to frost all the cupakes with my usual 1M tip where I squeeze a little harder so the icing comes out more frilly. Which I did do. But I decided since I had all my icing tips and disposable bags at the ready I’d try the petal frosting.

Top view

I put what I hoped would be enough frosting into the bag and started piping. As you can see there’s three layers of petals. And a larger flower, or a butterfly like is shown in the YouTube video would have suited the cupcake better. The piping was incredibly easy, and I’d say there’s actually less frosting than I’d use with the 1M tip. I managed to put some away in the freezer, not a lot mind you, but possibly another 2 or 3 more cupcakes worth.

I made my usual frosting and added 1/4 cup of the Caramel Sauce I made last weekend. It was very tasty. I also added enough cream until I had the right consistency for piping.

Pretty doily

Talking of making pretty things. Mum made me 3 sets of doilies. Mum makes such beautiful hand made cards. So much time and effort goes into her cards and they’re not the sort of cards you toss out with the recycling after displaying them for a few days.

Side view

Don’t be surprised if you see this decorating technique used a few times in the near future. I like it.


4 thoughts on “Frosting techniques–Petal tip

  1. Imagine these at a wedding! Gorgeous. Your liner looks good, not too dark. Always look for your posts – you put so much detail into them for us. Thank you.

    • Hi Alison, I was a little disappointed with the liner. I think I’ve baked a batch of cupcakes that have turned out better than this. The colour seemed to have washed out a little this time. These are one of the liners I bought from Etsy that is Glassine finished so it should have repelled the butter/fat a bit better. I can’t wait to see what I can find in Melbourne in a few weeks. I’ve got high hopes of coming back with a suitcase of better quality liners than I can find here in NZ. Thanks for enjoying my waffle too 🙂

  2. Don’t be too hard on yourself – it is the overall effect that people enjoy, I doubt that most folks would even notice the liner, they are too busy being enthralled with the frosting effect, and delighted to have such a pretty thing in frontof them. Then they have the dilemma of eating it or taking it home to show off. I also think that the additional expense of superior quality liners might be better spent on new tools to have fun with. Just something to consider.

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