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The sort of day a warm pudding makes perfect sense

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The weather has been foul in Christchurch. We haven’t had snow (at sea level at least) to disrupt the normal work day routine, but it’s been bitterly cold with sleety showers and winds so strong our wee Fiesta was being buffeted about as I was driving to a client’s site.

It was the sort of day a warm pudding was forefront of my mind. These sorts of days make me feel like going home and making a fudgy pudding, or a self-saucing pudding. But I wanted neither of those things. I wanted something that would compliment the caramel sauce I needed to use up, and that would work perfectly with the half bottle of cream I had in the fridge.

Th makings of a winter pud

I knew Mr Fussy would love a ginger pudding, and when talking to Josie about it I commented on using the fresh ginger I had, and Josie said a microwaved pudding would be really quick to make. That lead to a discussion about how little our microwave is used to baking/cooking.

I did a quick search online and picked a random recipe. And what do you know? It used both fresh ginger and was a microwaved pudding. Not that I microwaved it.

The recipe was for 2 servings, but with 3 of us I decided to double the recipe. Talking of servings of 2, it really bugs me how difficult it is to buy pre-packed meat for 3. It’s not easy. In fact it’s often downright impossible and it stresses me out. Seriously.

The recipe said to add all the ingredients to a food processor, excluding the egg, and blend it all together, then add the egg and blend until mixed.

I went the old-fashioned way. And I mean really old-fashioned way. I hand beat it. It was quite the workout. But it did make me nice and toasty warm with all that vigorous activity.

Pudding bliss

And there we have it. Fresh ginger peeled and grated (with the zester) right from the freezer. And baked in a cake tin because all the “pudding” type cookware is in the garage and I preferred to stay indoors. I have my limits Smile

Oh, another thing in the favour of this recipe is that it’s a recipe by Chef Ainsley Harriott. He’s really funny. Have you seen his cooking shows?

Ginger Sponge Pudding adapted slightly from the BBC



  • Heat the oven to 175 degrees Celsius.
  • Prepare a suitable pudding bowl or cake tin (remember I doubled the recipe. I used my 6” cake tin) by greasing the sides with extra butter.
  • In a small measuring cup mix the egg and milk together and set aside.
  • Cream the sugar and butter, then add in the Golden Syrup and beat until it’s mixed in.
  • Add the grated ginger and mix into the batter.
  • Add the flour and begin to mix in, then add half the egg/milk mixture and gently mix to incorporate.
  • Finally add the remaining half egg/milk liquid and gently mix into the batter.
  • Spoon the batter in the prepared pudding/cake tin.
  • Bake for 30 minutes, checking every few minutes from 20 minutes.
  • The sponge is cooked when a toothpick inserted into the middle comes out clean.
  • Wait 5 minute before serving.

My Notes:

I used a wooden spoon and man-power to mix the batter but feel free to use a food processor as described in the original recipe, or hand beaters. Whatever you prefer.

I baked the sponge in a 6” cake tin for 20 minutes, then rotated the pan and continued to cook until it reached 30 minutes. This was for double the recipe.

Using a bigger dish means the cooking time will be less due to more surface area being exposed during baking.

Pudding caramel and cream

The pudding is really light, not just in colour (on the inside, I swear it’s not as dark as it looks in the photo above), but in texture. The edges had a nice crispness to it. Mr Fussy said “nom”. That’s all, just took a first bite and said “nom”. This is his serve and all he wanted was caramel sauce over it. He doesn’t like cream.


The ginger is fabulous. I knew when the pudding was almost baked because the smell from the oven said GINGER. I love the smell of ginger, and I love the flavour too but not nearly as much as Mr Fussy and he clearly gave this pudding his approval. So it’s just as well there’s plenty for tomorrow.

As for me, well I’ll take whatever’s going.

Ginger pud with lashings of cream and caramel sauce

Disappointingly the caramel was overpowered by the ginger and I could only taste it in one mouthful. Never mind, it’s still a very noble way to use up the sauce.


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