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Vanilla cake disaster


I said there would be some good times and some not so good times.

The cake I covered in fondant turned out to be one of the not so good times. At least trying to chew through it and force it down my throat wasn’t something I especially liked. I had to tell Mr Fussy he didn’t have to eat it. Bless him, he said it was just a big piece of cake.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to throw the rest of the cake out, either that or use it as a door stop. But since it’s winter, who wants the doors left open?  Winking smile

I mentioned in my other post, about making and decorating the cake, that using buttercream as the base of a fondant covered cake can end up bulging the cake due to it becoming softer and moving under the fondant. Well guess what. It happened. The house is hot so I guess it’s not really a surprise.

As I was preparing dinner Mr Fussy came out to the kitchen and said “is it meant to have a crack?” So here’s where it happened.

Cracking me up

Vanishing SMBC

And I’m pretty sure you can see from the side view, this is not a great cake. Look how dense and dry it is. So many people have commented favourably on the Cake Central site about the cake. I can only assume I did something wrong. But I wouldn’t call myself a novice baker. I did make a change. I lowered the oven temperature and baked the cake for a few minutes longer, but it was still cooked.

Dy and dense

I would also say that flattening the cake top wasn’t such a good idea, well not for this cake, because that seems to be the part here the cake looks undercooked.

Before I had sat down to eat my slice, I asked Mr Fussy if he could taste the flavours. He nodded. But the flavour was only obvious in the SMBC and the ganache. There was no flavour at all in the cake.

So this is a tale of looks being deceiving.

I think I’d rather remember this cake for its looks only.

Explosion Cake

While it’s disappointing the cake isn’t edible, the whole exercise has been valuable, including a failed cake recipe.

Put your ear plugs in people of New Zealand, I’m about to drop the cake in the wheelie bin. It’ll be an earth shattering experience, not that we need any more tremors in Christchurch Smile


4 thoughts on “Vanilla cake disaster

  1. We’ll if it’s based on looks…I was impressed! I know you ended up with cracks and bulges but as you’ve said, you have learnt from that. Still looks amazing in my eyes. The taste I can’t comment on, but I can see it doesn’t quite look as light and fluffy as other cakes you’ve made. Great learning experience as you said. Onward and upward right?

    • Yep, onwards and upwards. I’m okay with it being an awfully baked cake except where is kept me awake wondering if I misread something, or incorrectly measured the ingredients 🙂

  2. I am wondering about egg size – the mixture in the tin looked too stiff to me. When that happens to me I stir in more milk to slacken it. Makes a nice difference to the finished texture.

    • That’s a good suggestion Alison. I’ll try to remember that. I always use size 7 eggs. I think that’s equivalent to large eggs in an American recipe. That’s the size I’ve used in other American recipes and they’ve turned out as expected. I’m tempted to try again with more milk like you’ve mentioned. Thanks!

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