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Sour Milk Bread–a Pot Luck lunch

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During the week I was preparing Cameron’s 21st cake for decoration Mr Fussy let me know his workplace was having a Pot Luck Lunch on Friday, and his team were responsible for bread.

Mr Fussy thought buying a loaf of bread would be more than adequate. You probably can guess what I thought of that suggestion. Not much.

Knowing I was going to be flat tack, and it was Mr Fussy’s work “thing”, I wanted to find a bread recipe that didn’t require yeast and would be easy enough that Mr Fussy could tackle the recipe on his own without my interference guidance.

Then came along a post for Sour Milk Bread by David Lebovitz in my RSS which fit the bill perfectly. Except I didn’t have Rye flour, or Fennel seeds, or Caraway seeds, or Star Anise. But apart from that, we were good to go.

On the Wednesday night we got all the ingredients together, having wrestled with the Star Anise pods waiting for those precious seeds to be released.


Mr Fussy got all the seeds and pounded them a bit in the pestle and mortar and we set everything aside ready to be mixed Thursday evening. It really is as simple as the photo above makes it out. Dry ingredients, buttermilk and the molasses and golden syrup combined ready to mix all together.

Ingredients mixed

And when it is all mixed together, this is what you get. It was quite sticky, and I had to remind Mr Fussy that he wasn’t to beat the mixture, just gently mix it to get all the dry ingredients wet. I might have taken over Winking smile

Ready for the oven

As you might have guessed, I’ve never baked/cooked with Rye flour Fennel or caraway seeds, I’ve never used Star Anise (though I’ve seen lots of recipes which use it). I had no idea what this would bake like or taste of.


David Lebovitz makes a couple of suggestion as to how you might serve the bread. He had both a savoury and sweet suggestion which baffled me a bit. But it’s true, this bread doesn’t really hint at being a savoury or sweet bread. I can see how both the suggestions made would work.

But for me, having my first taste, before wrapping these loaves up for Mr Fussy, was to simply spread it with butter.


The colour you see in this last photo is probably more true to the colour of the loaf. I tasted flavours that I’ve never before had. I was quite surprised and I couldn’t work out which of the seeds it was I could taste so clearly since almost every ingredient was new to me. I’m guessing it was the caraway seeds since they weren’t ground to a coarse powder.

Since it was all eaten I guess it turned out well. Even Mr Fussy with his aversion to new ingredients had a couple of slices and said it was good.

Even though the top of the loaf seemed well baked, in that when I tapped it, it was firm, the inside of the loaf was soft and easy to chew.

I might even make this again. At the very least I’m going to make another Rye loaf of some sort. If you’ve got a favourite do let me know. Otherwise I’ll do my usual and search Google and Pinterest.


One thought on “Sour Milk Bread–a Pot Luck lunch

  1. I make a seedy, chewy loaf by Nadia Lim (Masterchef). It is unusual in that you mix the ingredients, put into a tin, pop into a very low oven for 1/2 hour for it to rise, and then whack the heat up to cook it. Would post it here but would there be copyright issues? We love it, it keeps quite fresh for several days and toasts really nicely.

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