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Long time coming–Devil’s Dream Cake


I’ve waited so long to make this cake that the Valrhona chocolate feves have past their best by date. I might have been a little intimated using such an expensive chocolate. So much so it seemed sensible to wait until it wasn’t quite at its peak.

Since we’ve waited so long, let’s just get straight into a photo shall we?

Devils Dream Cake

This is Mr Fussy’s dessert of choice when we go to Strawberry Fare. We’ve not been at all this year which is odd, except that we keep running away from Christchurch to spend our birthdays with just each other’s company. We went to Queenstown for Mr Fussy’s birthday, and Nelson for mine.

You can find the recipe on Strawberry Fare’s website. I took a screen shot of it just in case they decided one day to remove it from their website.

My cake doesn’t look quite the same as theirs. It’s a lot higher for one, and there’s a double layer of ganache. Which was mostly to hide the fact the ganache I first made separated and as it cooled in the fridge it of course left lovely little pools of fat. So being the master of disguise I made another ganache and poured that over the top.

Slice of DDC

I also don’t decorate a plate to any restaurants standards either. But I tried. I might have been better to have not :-/

First of all I wanted to make the raspberry filling using Sujon raspberries. We bought them back from Nelson with us.

Raspberry layers

I had some trouble making it cover the first chocolate layer. I might have been a little conservative. Going back to why I wanted Sujon brand frozen raspberries, they are much more plump, and usually whole. And that really makes no difference at all when you boil them down. I realise it really made no difference when you think of it, but it mattered to me.


And here’s a photo of my expensive chocolate that I allowed to go beyond the best by date. I used Cadbury melts and buttons for the balance of the chocolate needed for the dessert. Up until now I’ve been a big fan of Whittaker’s. I’ve used Cadbury just recently for something else, I can’t even remember. I hadn’t realised they made a 70% block of chocolate. What I’ve noticed is that it’s much more smooth when melted down, and I like that. Even the melts and buttons have real cocoa butter in them. I’m going to give it a try (the 70% stuff) for a ganache and see how that compares to Whittaker’s.

I digress.

I’ve never made a sponge before. The notes on the recipe are a bit sparse for something I’ve never done before so I used intuition and made a mistake (which was just a mistake, not my intuition) but the sponge turned out just fine. And was high enough that I was able to get 3 layers out, which of course means there’s another Devil’s Dream Cake in Mr Fussy’s future.

Making the sponge

My mistake was to add the yolks before having added the sugar. I seemed to have skipped that sentence when reading the instructions while I was making it.

My sponge started to smell like it was burning, which in hindsight I think was the pan grease I used to grease the sides of the pan rather than line it with baking paper.

The mousse, where that expensive chocolate is used, is no more than just a mousse so I’m not sure why I was getting myself all wound up about using it.


The recipe says to add the melted chocolate when the cream begins to thicken. At the point where you can just see the cream starting to pucker as you move the beaters through it is the point I added the chocolate. Then I folded the remaining chocolate with the spatula. Though the white mousse was taking too long to thicken to the same texture as the milk/dark chocolate so I got the beaters out to speed it up a bit. Then it started to set in the pan as I was spreading it. Probably because the pan had already been in the fridge and much cooler than it was than when I added the milk/dark chocolate mousse.

This really was quite a simple dessert to make. It just takes a bit of time. There’s the waiting while each layer of mousse sets up a bit before spreading the next.

And because I like to have all my ingredients measured out before I begin, I was well ahead and ready before the cake had been in the fridge for more than a few minutes.

According to Mr Fussy the Devil’s Dream Cake served at Strawberry Fare rests on a more biscuit base. I’m not really surprised to learn this is not the exact same. And I can alter the recipe to make a more biscuit base. Actually can you imagine it done with a brownie. Yum!

This is Mr Fussy’s one and only dessert he orders, and my very first sampling of it, because I also have my one and only dessert I order (hey Strawberry Fare, if ever you want to share the Caramel Hazelnut Torte recipe ……..) I did enjoy it, but since I’m not a raspberry fan I wouldn’t usually gravitate to this. A pleasant dessert but I’ll keep going back for the torte when visiting Strawberry Fare.

I just checked the website and the desserts are now $16.80. I’d say that’s a fair price given the quality of the ingredients in the recipe, and of course the skill and service you get when eating out.

Especially for Mr Fussy


10 thoughts on “Long time coming–Devil’s Dream Cake

  1. Thanks so much for the post. I wonder if I could grab the recipe off you? The thing you feared happened! Can’t find the recipe on their site 😔😔

    • Hi Sarah, hopefully you’ve received the email with the screen shot of the recipe. Great news isn’t it that Strawberry Fare intend to publish a recipe book later this year. I can’t wait for that. I hope they include my favourite dessert, Caramel Hazelnut Torte. Happy baking 🙂

  2. Hi, great post! I was wondering if you could send me the recipe as well? So gutted they took it off their website!

  3. Hi,

    Just wondering if you could email me the recipe for this please?

    • Hi Emma. I’ve sent you an email. Hopefully you get the recipe ok. As mentioned we’re traveling at the moment and I don’t have access to my home laptop. Cheers Anita

  4. Hi Neets
    I along with all the above, I would love the Devils Dream Cake recipe. We had it once and my daughter would like it for her birthday tomorrow! No pressure!! just if you can email me, it would be very much appreciated.

  5. Hi, just joining all of the others, would it be possible for you to email me the recipe too?

    Kate 🙂

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