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Back to Sugar Cookies–a new recipe to try

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For several weeks now I’ve been itching to get back to making sugar cookies for decorating with Royal Icing.  I’m half way there. I got to bake more cookies. I’m planning to decorate them next Sunday.

Although this recipe says you don’t have to chill the dough, the way my weekend worked out, I ended up making the dough on Friday night, but not baking the cookies until Saturday. So the dough was chilled.

The recipe can be found on LilaLoa’s website for The Vanilla Variation. I’m also going to try out the Chocolate cookie too.


One of our Project Managers at work will be taking Maternity Leave the first week of September. I’m getting organised now because I’ve got a few things to do between now and then. The oval scalloped cookies for for my Mother In Law’s birthday which is this coming Friday, so I’ll be out with the Royal Icing sometime this weekend. In amongst decorating the birthday cake, which I baked today and is now in my sister’s freezer. I went with the WASC recipe I posted last week.

All of the cutters used here we new. I’m really looking forward to decorating the baby carriages. I say that now. I’m certain they will be fiddly, after all there’s wheels to pipe and I don’t have a steady hand.

Lemon flavoured

I flavoured the dough with both vanilla extract and lemon extract. I’m going through one of my lemon phases and can’t get enough of it. I know the dough looks sort of crumbly there, and I only used the 4 cups of flour because I knew the dough would chill over night. This is actually what was left in the bottom of the mixing bowl, where all the bits of loose flour gets stuck at the very bottom.

Cookie dough

This was the disc I made from the dough from the top half of the mixing bowl. Even the last disc came together with nothing more than just gathering it all together and forming it in a disc. This was a really easy dough to work with. My first disc (the one immediately above) is slightly smaller than the second disc.

No spreading

This is another cookie dough recipe that says it doesn’t spread. I want to see how it works out without the chilling. I cut the shapes and popped the dough back into the fridge and then when it had chilled again I then extracted the shapes from the rolled dough and baked them. But I can confirm the dough does not spread. It puffed up but didn’t spread. I baked the biscuits for 7 minutes all up, 5 minutes before rotating the tray. I had hoped to have similar sized biscuits on the same tray but it didn’t quite work out that way. The gap in the top right corner is deliberate. That’s the hot spot in my oven. Which is well and good until I rotate the tray. The cookies just started to get a nice brown tinge around the edges at 7 minutes.


You can see how the scalloped cookies have kept the nice shape. They’ve not distorted at all during baking.

I was itching to know what the cookies tasted like. I counted up all the cookies I made looking for a set with an odd number. Nope, I must have kept tally what I was cutting and none had an odd number.  What I did have is one little butterfly. A little butterfly. Mr Fussy and I sampled that. These cookies are crunchy. They don’t feel like they’ll break your teeth crunchy but they’re a bit harder than I like. There’s another Vanilla recipe on the site that uses brown sugar, that will keep the cookies a little softer. I’ll give them a crack too.

All this and more

I got all these cookies and had probably a little less than 1/2 the cookie dough left. I’ve put it in the freezer, so I guess I’ve still got some slightly harder-than-I’d-like cookies to bake yet.


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