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Rosemary Flatbread–dead easy, give it a go


I was talking to someone at work the other day, their wife is vegetarian and gluten intolerant and he was looking for suggestions of where to eat out. I made a comment about there being nothing to live for. I like my meat and bread, well, yes, I couldn’t live without bread, or pasta!

This flatbread is so very easy to make. I found the recipe from one blog many many months ago. They adapted the recipe from a recipe on Smitten Kitchen and it’s that webpage I’ve had open on my smartphone for almost the same amount of time. I almost grew tired of seeing that webpage. There had been a couple of occasions that I was going to make it, but things happened and the flatbread did not.

Preparing for baking

It was my MIL birthday on Friday and I had planned an afternoon tea for her for Saturday. I was really busy Friday night getting all the last bits done, after all there’s only 90 minutes a week that my MIL is not in the house with us. I didn’t have a lot of time to do things without her being up and about. So making this flatbread Saturday afternoon was the ticket for something quick and easy, full of flavour and served with bright colourful dips and spreads. And it’s a winner with Mr Fussy. He kept going back for more and more.

There’s only a few ingredients, just a tiny bit of mixing and then a quick roll and into the oven it goes. The bread is ready in a jiffy, and as I said, it tastes great. I used my expensive Fleur de sel. Gotta use it sometime, nothing to be gained having it taking up space in the pantry Smile

Baked flatbread

I cut the bread up into 8 wedges and then served it with some chunky dips and a capsicum, tomato and chilli dip. There was a bit of heat in that, but then I notice such things since I’m not that fond of spicy/hot food.

Rosemary Flatbread

I think I might makes more next weekend when we get together with Dad for a bit of afternoon tea for Father’s Day. I know someone in this house who will be first in line for some more.


2 thoughts on “Rosemary Flatbread–dead easy, give it a go

  1. Looks yummy! Bravo and belated happy birthday to M.I.L. x

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