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Baby themed cookies

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The other weekend I baked sugar cookies and promptly put them in the freezer. I was going to decorate them for one of the ladies at work who leaves this Friday on maternity leave. So this weekend it was time to get into the decorating.


I used the last of the royal icing I had in the freezer and while it was still daylight I mixed the colours. I managed to mix the mint to match the mint I made (using blue and yellow gel colours) for the Marshmallow Fondant I’d made a few weeks ago. The MMF will be used to cover the cake I’ve baked this weekend (post coming).

Last night I got all the flood consistency icing completed on the prams, rattles, bibs, bottles and onesies. I left some bottles and the teddies aside thinking I wouldn’t have enough icing to cover those. I was happy with the cookies I had selected and reasonably pleased with how the flood work had gone.

This morning I used the stiffer consistency icing to go back over and add some details. I was very happy that the pipettes I made using baking paper worked. Phew. I’ve given them a crack in the past and it’s not ended well. The only problem is the opening wasn’t perfectly round so the piping isn’t either. I cut down some of the disposable piping bags to make them a more manageable size since I didn’t have that much stiffer consistency  icing. It worked well until the white one clogged up and using my surgical needle (for popping air pockets on fondant) wouldn’t budge whatever it was. I really needed that ultra fine needle since I was using the PME 00 nozzle.


With only about 20 minutes before we left home to head to Dad’s for afternoon (watch for the Mini Apple Bundt Cake post later) I decided I would take that left over icing and see how far it would go with the teddies and left over bottles. And I managed to get them all covered. Later in the afternoon I went back and added some details, like the heart, the mouths, eyes and eyelashes. And an eye patch for the first teddy that got an eye full of an overfull edible marker.


I feel like I’m cheating with this post since there’s no recipe as such, but believe me I’ve spent a lot of time trying to get things organised to write any post. We’ve bought a MacBook Pro and I’m having to unlearn Windows, install Lightroom and get to grips with how it all works with a Mac (significant learning curve) and try to set up all my presets and templates. There’s been a few moments I’ve been close to tearing my hair out, and a good many Adobe TV videos watched.

Oh, and I’m really suffering right now since I used to write my posts in Windows Live Writer which as the name implies, is a Windows based application. As you might have concluded, WLW will not work on the Mac OS. I’m using WordPress’s inbuilt writer and there’s a whole bunch of stuff that is making my head hurt and it is not nearly as slick as using WLW.

Anyway, the cookies are now back in the freezer and will come out Thursday morning. We’re having a shared lunch for Cel, everyone contributing a plate. Mine will be the cookies and the cake. I always preferred to eat sweets rather than savoury. For all that I made the Rosemary Flatbread today to take around to Dad’s for afternoon tea. Mr Fussy was very pleased.


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