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Mini Apple Bundt Cakes

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I had arranged for my sister and her family, and ourselves, to visit Dad on Father’s Day. We would bring afternoon tea.

I’ve been itching to use my mini Bundt tin ever since it arrived from the States some months ago. Dad loves apples and I wanted to make him a no-fuss cake. I came across a recipe for a Fresh Apple Cake (scroll down a bit as it’s not the first recipe) baked in a Bundt tin. I decided I’d convert the recipe to mini Bundt cakes.

Mini Bundt Cake

Mr Fussy doesn’t like nuts. I think we all know that by now. The original recipe called for a cup of walnuts. Yum. I decided to divide the batter, half with walnuts, the other half raisins.

I’m a real fan of the jumbo raisins you can find in the New World stores. Sadly I ate all the raisins myself, even though I specifically bought them for Dad’s afternoon tea. I had to buy more.

Juicy plump raisins

I love New World St Martins. It has so many different foods that I can’t find in our usual Countdown supermarket. Having said that, the baking aisle is sadly lacking, except this visit I spied every colour of Bakel’s fondant (I might have done a little dance) for the same price as the white. I’ve been buying coloured fondant online at $10+ (and postage) and all the fondant is just over $6 at the supermarket. Oh, and I found Stem Ginger, so now you can easily make the Double Ginger Cake I posted while on holiday in Nelson.

Filling the pan

The mini Bundt tin holds roughly 3/4 cup each. I wasn’t sure how full to fill them since the tin design went right to the top. I didn’t know how much the batter would rise, and whether I’d end up with all the design. But it worked out well. One cake was a smidge too full and closed up at the top (what becomes the bottom). I wanted that one. I was going to serve the cakes with the caramel sauce I’d made the previous weekend. I was looking forward to the well filling with gooey caramel and then flowing out as soon as I dug a fork in.

Caramel spilling out

The batter was sufficient for making 12 mini Bundt cakes, easily. I might have had enough to make 1 muffin, had I not kept spooning the left over mixture into my mouth 😉

The next photo down was really to show the difference in the crispness of the design between greasing the pan with CK Pan Grease and using Wilton Baking spray. There was a more noticeable difference with how much of the cake was left behind in the pan. I had to use a toothbrush to get into all the nooks and crannies. The Wilton Baking spray did a much better job. The cakes on the left are with the Wilton spray and those on the right with the CK pan grease. I think if you stare hard enough you’ll notice the difference.

Back to the cakes, There’s another ingredient Mr Fussy doesn’t like, but just a mere 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon. Honestly, I couldn’t tell it was there, and nor could Mr Fussy. If you like your apple cakes spicy, add more, quite a bit more. This makes a very generous cake.

Saturday evening we split one of the minis between the 3 of us. Then Mr Fussy and I shared one at Dad’s. Everyone was keen to have the raisin variety, and because Mr Fussy doesn’t like nuts I’d not yet tried the walnut.

We ended up bringing 4 home with us. As if we’d not had enough to eat at afternoon tea, we had a whole one each, leaving one for my BIL.

More definition

And I finally got a walnut one, in fact that’s the only variety that was left. Mr Fussy has not died eating it. He doesn’t have any allergic reactions to nuts, he just doesn’t like them. But he didn’t turn down another cake either.

My preference was the apple and walnut variety. The apple flavour seemed more pronounced. Though I wonder if I equally divided the chopped apple between the two bowls. And I might have put a few more than 1/2 cup of walnuts into the half batter. But I think that was all counteracted  by the more than generous drizzle of caramel sauce. We were so close to finishing the jar that I made it so.

Pouring caramel sauce

PS In case you’re wondering, I’m writing this post during lunchtime. All I need to do is drop in the photos (which I don’t have with me) and publish. This is how much I need WLW in my life, I installed it on my work computer so I didn’t have to use the in-built WordPress editor. Yeah I know, it makes no difference to you 😉


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