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Blog anniversary – any excuse to make a cake



It’s taken me a week to get around to writing the post, but here it is. I was so looking forward to baking without having any real reason to do so. I wanted to try out something new, not that I had a clue what. But I didn’t need a cake. I needed an excuse to make it and what do you know, it happened to be a year since I began the blog. That’ll do. I just needed an excuse.

Funny thing is that I had a cake and I was still undecided how to decorate it. The cake was a bit shorter than I needed for some of the new cutters I wanted to try. And I really wanted to give stencilling a crack. But my stencils are too wide for the cake. What to do, what to do.

I couldn’t even decide what colour fondant to cover it with. I pulled out the yellow I used for my MIL’s birthday cake. I picked up and put back the grey I had left from Cameron’s 21st cake, which I used for Alastair’s 40th birthday cake.

Hopeless. I couldn’t make my mind up. And all the while I’m trying to decide what on earth I was going to do with the cake once it had been decorated. I love plans, I just didn’t have one.

Fondant cutter I have quite a few new fondant cutters which I ordered from Not Just Cakes from Annie’s Etsy store. In the end, as you can see, I chose the honeycomb cutter. I had measured the cake height and knew I had just enough to fit two rows.

I used the pasta machine to roll the fondant. I expected it to get caught but it didn’t. I was very pleased with myself. Then I set about cutting out oodles of shapes. I didn’t know how many I would need. And I was crossing my fingers that when I came around to the beginning (or is that end?) that it would just fit. And it did. Double happy for me.

Having covered and decorated the sides, what would I do about the top? Again I had a certain cutter I wanted to use to add something to the top but this 6″ cake was too small.

In the end I sat down and made a rose using the JEM easy rose cutter. I was pretty pleased that I managed to remember, for the most part, how to make the rose. I haven’t made one since we were in Nelson end of July.

Pink shimmer rose

I lightly dusted the edges of each petal with a soft baby pink which I mixed with a bit of pink shimmer dust. Then without even thinking I brushed a white shimmer over the top of the cake. I was done. And then I had a moment of panic wondering if the shimmer I’d just brushed over the top was edible. Oops. I still don’t know. I just took photos and then brushed the stuff off. Now you see it, now you don’t.

Mr Fussy took the cake to work. It was the Betty Crocker Super Moist Vanilla cake. This time I sifted the mix before adding all the other ingredients. I have to say the cake was much better, no little clumps at all. And all but about a teaspoon of the dry ingredients passed through the sifter easily. The rest I assisted 😉

Sifting solved the lumpy bits, but the cake itself is still holy, despite not mixing for as long as suggested. The thing is everyone loves the texture and the taste. I’m kind of stuck now. I know it hits all the right notes, I was getting compliments without seeking them out. Mr Fussy’s workmates were commenting about it, and Mr Fussy wouldn’t bother asking the question about taste and texture. Though bless him, he’s pretty good at taking photos of cakes he takes to work after he’s hacked cut them.

Anniversary Cake

So there we have it. A little 6″ number, covered and filled with Dark Chocolate Ganache, and decorated with a rose. The rose was unceremoniously dumped on the table, divorced from the cake which was destined for Mr Fussy’s work mates.

If I’d had a plan I would have used the yellow fondant with the honeycomb cutter, and I would have tried to make a gumpaste bee. That sounds like fun. I bet the bee would have gone to work with Mr Fussy.

There’s not much to report on this week. I realised mid way through the week that I was out of town Monday and Tuesday and then we’re out Wednesday evening. Everything I’ve done this weekend was in preparation for Mum’s birthday which we’re celebrating this coming Saturday. And just quietly, I’m pretty pleased with how it’s all coming together. I’ll have photos next Sunday.



4 thoughts on “Blog anniversary – any excuse to make a cake

  1. Truly a one of a kind cake : ) I really like the rose! The cake looks so nice that I wouldn’t want to eat it. Congratulations on 1 year on WordPress : )

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