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Averie’s Chocolate Chip and Chunk Cookies


Mr Fussy and I got to baking cookies on Saturday. It was fun working together in the kitchen.


While I got all the ingredients together Mr Fussy was reading the recipe to me, then he got to chopping the chocolate.

A few weeks back, as we were travelling home from Akaroa, Mr Fussy said he would make his Vanilla Biscuits, but that didn’t happen.

I can’t remember what happened last weekend (other than I was away for ½ of each day) but the biscuits still weren’t baked.

I’m not even sure why I suggested chocolate chip cookies, but I did, and so the idea of the vanilla biscuits were put aside in favour of the cookies.

Cookie logs

We toyed with splitting the cookie dough and putting chocolate bits in one half and the Caramel bits in the other. In the end we added a family block of dark chocolate caramel and the left over half block of 62% Whittaker’s chocolate that I’d used in the ganache for the Halloween cake I had baked (and was still decorating). We did however roll the dough into logs and leave them in the fridge for an hour.

I’ve made a few different varieties of chocolate chip cookies and none of them spun my wheels so I went straight for Averie’s blog because she has so many cookie recipes it’ll leave you breathless.

In the end I picked out the Chocolate Chip and Chunk Cookie recipe, and oddly enough, this is the cover photo/webpage for my Pinterest Cookie/Biscuit board.

Ready for baking

I was toying up with make Mel’s cookies, but the 1 egg and 1 egg yolk sort of put me off.

I made Averie’s recipe using all standard flour as Averie has taken to doing herself.

The cookies turned out great. The caramel of course oozed out. Even after taking the tray out of the oven the caramel that had spilt out was still bubbling away on the tray.

Can you believe we waited over 2 hours before we had one? I can tell you I was so tempted to have one moments after these were taken from the tray to the cooling rack. Thank goodness I had something else to occupy my mind else I would have.

I love biting into a cookie long after it’s taken from the oven to find that the chocolate chunks are still soft.

Pre and Post Baking

I suspect these cookies will only be best for 5 or so days, that’s plenty long enough or Mr Fussy to have consumed the majority of them with his work lunches, but if there happens to be any left beyond that, I’ll just whack them in the oven again for a few minutes and they’ll crisp up again and be just as good as they were 2 hours after baking.

If I’m lucky there will be one left for me to have next weekend. This one has my name of it!

Choccy goodness


3 thoughts on “Averie’s Chocolate Chip and Chunk Cookies

  1. Thanks for trying and linking up to my recipe – I appreciate it. Glad you’re pleased with them. It’s my go-to CCC recipe!

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