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Friands and another “best by”


Here’s my second “best by” post. The best by was only 1 day past.

I bought Zeagold liquid (pasteurised) egg whites from Moorhouse Countdown a few weeks ago. I was thrilled.

I’ve done some testing in the past to see if liquid egg whites are as good (or not) than fresh egg whites. And, well, they made fine meringues. But I’ve not been able to source liquid egg whites in these parts. Alastair (the recipient of my impromptu 40th birthday cake) had bought me some while he was on business in Wellington.

My purpose for the egg whites this round was to, finally, try out a Friand recipe that I’d earmarked (on Pinterest) months and months ago.

All in rows

Really I’d been waiting until Raspberries came into season, but the purchase and impending (and past) best by date won out. I used Sujon frozen Raspberries. In my opinion these are far superior to other brands frozen Raspberries.

I made a confession on the Facebook page yesterday. I don’t like Nutella, nor Peanut Butter. And today’s confession …. I’ve never eaten a Friand.

I rarely go to a café, and when I do I don’t know what I have, but it’s never a Friand, though I spot them and have the usual oogle at what flavours are being served.

I thought Friands were gluten free, but this recipe has a small amount of flour in the mix. I do have another Friand recipe on Pinterest, I’ll make that one too, but I’m not sure if it does or doesn’t have flour.

1310_Before and After-2-2

As for the recipe, you can find it on What Katie Ate (she’s an Irish woman living in Australia).

I had to keep checking the recipe. I couldn’t believe that it was so simple. I’d say you need zero skill, other than being able to read a recipe, measure out ingredients and a steady hand to pour. Okay, so let’s not underestimate the skill that is required, even for a basic recipe, but really, on the grand scheme of things, Friands are a walk in the park. So on that note, I whole heartedly encourage you to try out the recipe.

I made these Saturday and put them away in a Tupperware container. We had one each tonight. Mr Fussy had some left over (now defrosted) raspberries. I forgot I was going to halve the recipe and I tipped too many frozen raspberries out of the bag. But not only did he have extra raspberries, he also had chocolate sauce over the lot.

My MIL and I just had the Friand, which of course allowed me to enjoy the flavour and texture. My MIL has never had a Friand before either. I guess we’ll be having some more at another time. I’ve read Friands freeze well if they’ve been wrapped first, so that’s what I did tonight. There’s 6 more waiting for another chance to become a tasty treat after a meal, or because the freezer is full and I need to clear space for the next big/new/important project. You know how it is.Raspberry Friands

 PS I the rest of the egg white has been packaged up (almost clamouring for space in the freezer) into smaller lots so that I can use it for the gumpaste recipe I’m currently using. Then there’s royal icing which I’m sure to be making soon since it’s almost Christmas and that means cookies!  I also used some of the egg whites in the Halloween cake last weekend. The first time I’ve used all egg white rather than whole eggs. I’m so adventurous 😉


8 thoughts on “Friands and another “best by”

  1. These are so cute! And they look super tasty!

    • Hi Charisma. They were tasty. Quite sweet though. I could definitely tell the difference between using white granulated sugar and using icing sugar (confectioners sugar) in this recipe. I’d certainly have them again, and even buy them if I were looking for something to eat at a cafe. Thanks for leaving a comment 🙂

  2. Hi Anita – back home again!

    Nice looking Friands – I usually make lemon ones, but will try the raspberry version. A little tip I have found – the day of baking I find Friands have an “eggy” taste, but they improve in taste and texture the next day – and keep well (if you can leave them alone).

    I have been catching up on your posts!

    Not only did I buy my silicone mat in Paris, I bought 10 authentic copper Canele moulds, which I kept in my hand luggage to show the xray people as they looked strange all tucked together. Oh and a cookie cutter of the Eiffel Tower! Could have gone crazy at Mora – but alas, room – weight!


    • Hi Alison, and welcome home. I had to Google an image of a Canele mould. I have seen them, but didn’t know their name. 8 months time it’ll be my turn to pick up a few kitchen bits and bobs. Can’t wait. What did you bake in a canele mould? Is it a bread/bun or a cake type mixture? I think I’d very much like lemon Friands, being a citrus girl 🙂 The other recipe I have earmarked is white chocolate and lime. Yes please! When I read your comment about the eggy flavour I was thinking to myself that I didn’t notice that, but then I remembered I baked them Saturday and we ate one on Sunday. That accounts for the lack of surprise egginess. Would you be able to photograph your Eiffel Tower cookie cutter and email the picture to me? Hope you’re managing to settle back into NZ life. It’s somewhat of a let down after such a wonderful long break away.

  3. Hello, I am an avid follower of your blog! Keep up the awesome work.

    I would like to ask what brand your cupcake tin is? I noticed that your cupcakes are nice and straight, which I prefer, and not tapered at an angle.

    Thanks! Olivia

    • Hi Olivia, thanks for following the blog 🙂 The Friand tins were purchased from Stevens. I’m sorry, I don’t know where you are based to know if you have a Stevens store locally (in New Zealand). I bought them when they were on special, I think they were around NZ$29.99 full price. Here’s the link. They’re on special right now for 50% off: http://www.stevens.co.nz/search?x=-1388&y=-67&q=friand. The Friands are an oval shaped tin, not round like a cupcake. Cheers

      • Hello again! Thanks for the reply. Yes I live here in NZ. Will look into it. How about the cupcake tin in the first photo where did you buy it?

      • Hi Olivia, I had a look at the first photo and it’s the Friands after they have been baked and removed from the pan. Is it the liners you’re asking after? The liners I bought in Melbourne in June, I can’t even remember where. I bought them because I’d not seen them in NZ at that point, and I’ve not looked for them since that time as the pack was for 100 and I’ve only made the 9 thus far. Let me know if I’ve still missed what you’re asking after. Cheers.

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