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Waffles – Annabel Langbein’s recipe


Annabel Langbein Waffles

Long weekends seem like the perfect excuse for having waffles for breakfast. It’s not a weekend breakfast we regularly have, but if the mood takes me, this is what I fall back to for making breakfast a little more special.

We’ve had waffles and Louise and Simon’s place several times before and it’s because of those waffles I bought a waffle maker.

Now it was my turn to give their recipe a go. Up until now I’ve made the Overnight Waffle Recipe which I got from Smitten Kitchen blog.

While I’ve been really happy with these waffles, I’d been meaning to try the recipe Louise emailed me, and I just couldn’t be bothered making the waffle batter the night before. I was having a lazy night.

Breakfast beginnings

Louise typed out the recipe that she got from “The best of Annabel Langbein Great food for Busy Lives”. Louise knows that I’m really petrified about the copyright laws. So often I wont write a recipe out (especially from American websites) rather link back to the original recipe, unless I tweak the recipe and feel like typing the whole thing out, or I’ll just explain my tweaks.

Anyway, I found a website that had typed out the recipe, though I’ve only just realised Louise had written the waffle batter could be left overnight, or 2 hours. The recipe I followed from this blog only mentioned leaving it a couple of hours, so that’s what I did.

I made the batter using farm fresh eggs. Ruth had given me a dozen on Wednesday and I knew I’d be using some of them this weekend with the Christmas Cakes I was planning to bake.

1310_Farm eggs-2-2

Just look at how yellow the batter is. The flash has whitened the yellow but you can still see the colour is a little richer than you get from supermarket eggs.

I used my double whisk to hand whip the egg whites to stiff peaks. I actually set the microwave timer to see how long it took me. I was pretty impressed that at one minute I almost had the stiff peaks. Another minute and I’d almost gone too far!

Although I was having a lazy night Friday, I still made a half batch of Pizza dough and caramel sauce. I’m planning another Caramel Chocolate Tart for dessert on Monday along with my much-anticipated Pork Belly for dinner. During our weekly grocery shop I’d picked up a couple of extra punnets of Strawberries (Mr Fussy has a fresh fruit salad each day of the work week and during summer, when strawberries are in season, he’ll add those as an extra fruit).

Breakfast was Strawberries and caramel sauce plastered all over the waffles. I only made a half recipe of the waffles. 8-10 waffles was going to be too many for us, since it was just Mr Fussy and I for breakfast.

1310_Stiff Egg Whites Folded-2-2

As for the waffles, I loved that the batter was thicker which meant it never spilt over the edge of the waffle maker as they baked, but the waffles weren’t as nice as when we’ve had them with Louise and Simon. They were almost glugy on the inside. They were lovely and crisp on the outside, but a bit doughy on the inside. Maybe I needed a bit more liquid. I must admit I don’t like recipes that don’t give flour as a weight measure. You can end up with too little or too much when you’re measuring in a cup. Perhaps I had too much flour since I did use my usual 140gm = 1 cup measure, and had to then covert the half recipe. I think I might have forgotten to halve the ¼ cup of flour.

1310_Making Waffles-2-2

Nevermind. It was still a very filling breakfast, and still enjoyable, just not as nice as I’d expected based on past experience. Any opportunity to have caramel sauce is a worthwhile meal  🙂

Always better with Caramel sauce


2 thoughts on “Waffles – Annabel Langbein’s recipe

  1. They look lovely Anita – I think you and Mr Fussy may need to come over, perhaps we can start a waffle Christmas Holiday brunch tradition 🙂

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