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White Chocolate Mud Cake – part 1 of my project


Today’s baking is just the beginning of a project I have in mind for Show Day, that’s Canterbury’s provincial anniversary. It still baffles me why it’s called Show Day and not Canterbury Anniversary.

Never mind.

My project will be to decorate a cake, Mr Fussy’s project (during our long weekend) will be to clean the windows and erect the Christmas tree. Then we’ll decorate it. That almost pains me. I’ll divvy up all the decorations so we’ve just exactly the same, I’ll decorate ½ the tree, he’ll do the other ½ and I’ll try to keep my hands in my pockets and not fix interfere with his placement of the decorations.

Back to today though. My plan is to have a two tier cake both with quite separate decorations, but of course both Black and Red. I’m going for an 8” cake and 6” cake.

I wanted to make a White Chocolate Mud Cake. I’ve had a couple of recipes tucked away and just couldn’t decide which recipe to make. So I made them both.

Difference in batter consistency

Today I’ve made the 8” cakes, tomorrow I’ll make the 6” cakes. I need to decide which of the two recipes I’ll repeat. Oh the pressure.

Here’s the link for the White Chocolate Mud Cake I made first, this one I used Cadbury Dream chocolate, as the recipe used too. The second cake I can’t give a link to the recipe because you have to log into the site to get to the recipe (though it’s a free recipe). If you’re really keen then you can register for free at CakeStyle.tv.

Both recipes are from Australian websites. I used Whittaker’s White Chocolate for the second recipe.

Side by side comparison

As much as I worry a little when trying new recipes, I do love a good experiment. And today it was a battle between two Aussie recipes, and two different brands of chocolate.

The CakeStyle recipe has ½ a cup (125gm/ml) of sour cream in it. The proportions are slightly different, there’s 240gm of white chocolate and the same amount of butter for CakeStyle, and it has water instead of milk, but the water and sour cream more or less make the milk component.

The first recipe was for a 9” square tin and I was making an 8” round cake, so I expected to have some batter left over. Using the cake-o-metre application the 8” round cake would need only .80 of the recipe.

I weighed the batter and poured in the amount needed, then I decided to round it up to 1040gm. That gave me an unbaked height of 3cm. The cake took 60 minutes to bake. Well that’s when I set the timer for even though it said 1hr 10 minutes to 1hr 20 minutes.

Cadbury baked and cooled

I knew the oven temperature was right because I keep the oven thermometer in there. But I still expect to test the done-ness before the recipe states.

I used the same weight of batter for the second recipe, but I had a lot more batter left over. I made a 4” round cake as well. I ended up putting it into the oven 4 minutes after the 8” cake went in, and it took the same amount of time to bake. Both cakes took 65 minutes to bake. The recipe says it takes 2 hours. I’m not sure it’s a mistake given I had more batter that I didn’t use.

Since I had a bit of batter left over from both recipes I used it to fill cupcakes. I wasn’t aiming to make them as cupcakes, I expected the cake to be too dense to be a cupcake. What this allowed me to do is bake them both together and for the same amount of time. Just a little extra bonus for my experiment.

Baked cupcakes

Once the Cadbury WCMC had finished baking it was still a bit domed for my linking. I draped the tin with a clean tea towel as was suggested and as the cake cooked it flattened out. But then it continued to do so. So much that now there’s a little dip in the top. Boo.

The Whittaker’s WCMC also domed. Both looked so good half way through baking but then they both took off in the final stages of baking.

Whittakers baked

The Whittaker’s WCMC flattened too, but still has a small dome. Enough that I will have to trim it.

Both cakes were 3cm in height uncooked. The Cadbury one baked to 7cm at the highest point and the Whittaker’s 7.5cm. The Whittaker’s is slightly taller but as I say, needs to be trimmed to remove the dome. It still will be just a few mm higher and wont have a dip.

Ready for the freezer

As to texture and taste. Cripes, I don’t know. I tried and tried to tell a difference, I really expected a difference given the thickness of batters. But I was struggling. I thought the Cadbury WCMC looked a little more compact but it almost seemed lighter when biting into it, well lighter than it looked. But in all honesty, if you mixed them up I wouldn’t know one from the other. They did smell different baking. I preferred the Cadbury.

Both are a little crisp so I expect not only to be trimming the tops, but also the edges before ganaching them.

Mr Fussy also couldn’t say if there was a difference.

What I will say is neither has a real white chocolate taste, and both are less dense than I expected given how dense the Chocolate Mud Cake was for Cameron’s birthday.

Mudcake Cupcakes

So decisions decisions. Which will I remake for the 6” cakes?

I think if I had to make a choice (which I do), I would go for the Cadbury cake (the first one, the one with the link to the recipe), but I’m going to make the CakeStyle one, and what was so important that it tipped me to that recipe given I’ve just said I’d probably go for the Cadbury one. Well it was how it baked. I don’t want a dip. I suspect that even with trimming I’ll still end up with a dip. I need two 2cm layers from each cake and while I have that on the outside I think the middle is just under that. It’s going to annoy me so much that I may yet end up baking another cake. Being a perfectionist (or aiming for it) can be such a drag.

So while I’ve been pondering which recipe I’ll re-make, I spent the afternoon with gum paste making a few more roses. These photos are all taken from my phone, and yes I cheated by having Mr Fussy hold the roses outside against foliage, I imagine that helps with the illusion they’re real 😉 The white rose I made on Thursday evening. The lemon (in amongst the bunch in the vase, centre and left centre (bud)) roses were made this afternoon, and the yellow one was the largest one made today.

Tomorrow, while the 6” cakes are baking I’ll dust the roses I’ve been making. Dusting flowers isn’t something I’m keen on but it does finish them off (so would making leaves and adding a calyx mind you). And I should really do it properly. Not that I have any idea what I’m going to do with these.

Next weekend I’ll ganache and then decorate the cakes. Mr Fussy will take the 6” cake to his work, and I’ll take the 8” cake to mine. And then come Show Weekend, well I don’t know. But I’ll have a 3-day weekend to do something else, whatever that is. I’ll think of something.

2013-11-01 07.03.22-1

2013-11-01 07.05.41

2013-11-01 07.05.23-1

2013-11-02 16.35.57

2013-11-02 17.40.02 2013-11-02 17.40.14

2013-11-02 17.40.26 2013-11-02 17.42.45




2 thoughts on “White Chocolate Mud Cake – part 1 of my project

  1. It’s not called Canterbury Anniversary, because the actual anniversary is on a different date. We just observe the holiday on the Friday after the second Tuesday in November because that is when the A&P show is on (hence show day).

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