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Hawaiian Glazed Chicken Thighs – by Chelsea Winter

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Here’s another recipe I tried this weekend from a New Zealand site. This time it’s a Chelsea Winter recipe. This recipe is on Chelsea’s website.

This is Chelsea’s Hawaiian Glazed Chicken Thighs.

Dinner is served

Sadly I misread one of the instructions so my glaze looks watery and lacking in substance. I spent more than 45 minutes simmering the ingredients for the glaze and while it had thickened, I failed to read properly the instructions about the liquid reducing by ¾. I read it to be that it should reduce to ¾.


I hadn’t realised my mistake at the time I poured some over the chicken and popped it into the oven. I sort of expected that during cooking it would thicken up. But after having reapplied the glaze twice during cooking I knew it wasn’t going to thicken, and at that point I checked the recipe to see where I’d gone wrong.

1311_Making the glaze-2-2

Never mind, it still baked nicely and it earned a “yummy” approval from Mr Fussy. However while we were eating dinner I returned the remaining glaze to the element and let it boil away while we ate. It took more than 15 minutes more to reduce to the point where I now considered it would more or less stay on the chicken as it baked. Now we have some left for another meal this week.

1311_Preparing the chicken-2-2

I sampled the thickened glaze and have to say it has a more intense flavour than what tonight’s dinner had. It really packed a punch, but it wasn’t overpowering, it just had a nice savoury hit which I liked.

1311_Proper glaze-2-2

I never watched Masterchef so I didn’t actually know who Chelsea Winter was a few weeks back. Yeah I know, where have I been? What right do I have to blog about food when I don’t even know the food celebrities from my own country 😉

What strikes me most about Chelsea is how down to earth she is. Her Facebook page is where I came across her and she is as Kiwi as you can get. She’s not in the slightest bit pretentious, and she is so open about her food and recipes and shares them on her blog. And what’s more she encourages people to share photos of the food they make from her blog or book. She’s said she doesn’t care if it didn’t turn out, or if it’s half eaten or the lighting is bad or it’s not “presented”. But for all that I wont be showing off this photo 😉

So good on ya Chelsea, you get a thumbs up from me for getting Kiwis in the kitchen trying out new recipes.  And I’m afraid I’ve got one of Chelsea’s latest words “stodge” on my mind and have since used it several times (not to describe my food mind you ;-)) I read it (stodge) on Chelsea’s Facebook page as she described the food she’s been eating while in the States the past month.

Hope we don’t get suckered into the same “stodge” when we’re there a few days next year. I’m thinking more Italian food.  Oh and Cronuts. By then there’ll be another craze, but it’ll probably be the first time I get to try a Cronut.  Have you had one?



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