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Lemon Yoghurt Cake with a festive look


Whimsical ornamentsI set out to bake a Lemon Yoghurt Cake. It had been suggested on the NZ Cake Decorators Facebook page when one person had asked for a lemon/citrus recipe suitable for covering in fondant.

So what did I do? I covered it in buttercream 🙂 Italian Meringue Buttercream. Which I added some almost but not quite useable white chocolate ganache.

I just wanted to see if the texture and density would indeed be suitable for covering in fondant. Yep. Looked good to me. That’s all I needed to know.

Texture and crumbThe cake was a breeze to torte and it tasted so nice. I was slicing off little bits from the top and had to stop myself. I’d not long had breakfast.

I had no idea what to do with the cake (how many times have I said that?).

Freeze dried Raspberry and white chocolate IMBCLast night I’d seen Lila Lola’s blog post on decorating Christmas cookies using pastel colours. I wondered if I could do something a bit whimsical like that. Something a little less traditional than what I’ve done in the past.

Maybe I should explain what I had in mind (the idea formed while out and about braving the shops). I thought I’d also try and replicate the slanted/wonky lines of Lila Lola’s cookies as well. But as a Christmas bauble. I found some “gold” sanding sugar and decided I’d use that on fondant which I brushed piping gel onto.

More ornamentsI’m not very good at getting outlines so I used a round cookie cutter to make the circles I’d be piping within (and the tree). I cut out circles of fondant and used my little cutting wheel to make the wonky cuts and then brushed each piece with the piping gel and shook the sanding sugar over. It would have been easier and less messy if I’d brushed the gel over a circle that I’d left in tact and then cut the wonky lines. You live and learn.

Next I placed sections of the circle inside the circles marked on the cake. I alternated piping using the pink (star tip) and green (leaf tip) until I’d filled in the remaining sections of each circle.

I also cut out smaller circles and then used my piping tip to cut an inner circle. The outer “ring” I cut in half to make the loops. I didn’t cut enough, so I put the inner circle to use after cutting a small bit to help it sit neatly on top of the bauble. Lastly I used a new gold liquid edible paint on the loops and smaller circles. It didn’t turn out how I was expecting. It wasn’t a bright gold, and it sort of washed off as I brushed it over the fondant. A couple of layers after allowing the previous to dry will give a better result.

Side viewAs for the cake. I used this recipe (the recommended/suggested recipe) from Lifestyle Food in Australia. It’s a recipe by Donna Hay.

The link will take you to the recipe which includes a short video of Donna making the cake. It’s so very quick and simple. You can’t lose with this recipe.

Given Donna bakes it in a Bundt type tin I’m not quite sure what size traditional tin you would use. However I know how much batter (by weight) for a 6” cake tin and this recipe gave me 3 x 6” cakes which when torted are 3cm deep. The batter is roughly 1300gm. The recipe obviously has yoghurt in it. I chose to buy the Puhoi Greek style yoghurt. It doesn’t really have that bitter yoghurt taste which is probably why I can stomach it. And being a Greek style it’s a little bit thicker.

Oh Christmas TreeSo far I’ve not decided what to do with cake. My guess, it will go with Mr Fussy to work and be butchered cut for his team. Though I’d quite like a piece. I was so tempted to cut into it because I loved the flavour. The tops I cut as I torted have been saved and frozen. I could make cake pops (umm, when have I made cake pops?) or add them to truffles or something. I had to save myself from eating it all, but I didn’t want to throw it out either.

Given I had no clue what this cake would end up as, it turned out ok, and I really enjoyed using buttercream for a change.Buttercream decorations


2 thoughts on “Lemon Yoghurt Cake with a festive look

  1. Yogurt cake looks lovely. Please could you tell me when this cake was finished was it left out of the fridge as I can not find any info on this and how long for.

    • Hi Jackie. I leave mine in the fridge and then remove it in the morning to come to room temperature. It will depend on what time you intend to serve. This was served at morning tea. As a general rule of thumb I will have a minimum of 2 hours out of fridge before the time I expect to be serving. Cheers, Anita

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