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Vintage styled cupcakes for Kade’s bridal shower


Mum  arranged a bridal shower for Kade to take place while they were in Christchurch (and Timaru) for Christmas. We managed to squeeze it in between them arriving back from Timaru, and leaving later in the afternoon for Auckland.

Vintage Cupcakes2Mum let me know the theme would be Vintage and everyone was going to bring something along for the afternoon tea.

I jumped on Vintage cupcakes. I’ve long looked at the beautiful creations by Hilary Rose Cupcakes. I’ve never had a reason to make them before so I was very enthusiastic.

I started making the flowers Christmas Day night after having coloured Ivory fondant. I hate colouring at night because I really can’t tell what colour I have until daylight.

Cupcake view 1I really hadn’t any fixed plans as to how I would decorate the cupcakes, I just knew I needed lots of different types of flowers.

I got to use my new Hydrangea cutter (from Global Sugar Art in America) and soon realised the smaller cutter was the better size. I started making roses but wasn’t happy with them. Some looked like Piglets ears! Certainly not petals. After watching this YouTube I quickly saw how I should be going about it and Boxing Day I made up some better roses. I had gone with two toned pink but they didn’t really look like they were different.  I used the same Wilton Rose Petal fondant, which I added some Americolor Warm Brown to, and then added a bit of Wilton Burgundy colour. The blue was Wilton Teal, but it does look a bit blue in some lights.

Cupcake view 3Once I had all the flowers I thought I needed, and let them dry overnight, I dusted each of them with at least one colour. Some I used 2 or 3 colours. Every single one has a dusting of Antique Gold lustre dust. Another purchase from Global Sugar Art. I love it, it’s just so lovely to apply and it looks amazing. Well that’s my opinion.

I also made up matching royal icing since I decided to make some cookies as well (a separate post on that). In the end I used very little of the royal icing on the cupcakes, just the accent details and the yellow for the flower centres.

Embossed fondantI also used some new texture mats, I can’t remember where I bought them from, but I’d had my eye on them for over a year. I had tried them a few weeks ago with the LMF fondant and the fondant stuck something wicked to them. I was using Bakel’s fondant and I had very little trouble peeling back the mat from the rolled fondant. There were a couple where I applied a little more pressure (my pressure wasn’t always even on rolling) and a few were harder to start the peeling.

Finding the right sized cutter for the fondant tops was proving a little tricky too. I’ve got an Ateco metal set and a generic plastic set. They are a ½ size different or so it seems. I started with Ateco and realised I needed slightly better. I swapped to the plastic set which worked better.

Gold edged rosebudsSadly the cupcakes, which domed properly while cooking, sunk with a few minutes left of baking (as did the Lemon Meringue Cake – a post on that coming too!). The cupcakes were pretty much even with the top of the liners so I had to use quite a bit of buttercream (left over Italian Meringue Buttercream I had frozen) to make the domes which the fondant sat (draped) over.

That left me with having to decide how to use the flowers and what piping I wanted to add. The piping came first. I wanted to keep the cupcakes with the embossed fondant patterns fairly simple and piped accents on the cupcakes that were plain. I’d previously piped the flower centres and added the pearls, so all flowers were dry. Which isn’t to say they weren’t fragile. I’d managed to break a few petals as I carefully lifted them from the foam pad to the cupcake.

Cupcake view 2While I’d drawn a few designs, and I did use those, I was still trying to work out ways to make every cupcake unique. They are all different. Some I like better than others, my preference is for the plain fondant. I think it’s because I like the piped accents, and they just look a bit cleaner to me.

As for Kade’s bridal shower, there was lot of beautiful elegant food, both sweet and savoury and although it was a fairly low key affair with many people being away for holidays, or in different cities, we had a lovely catch-up, and even a few games.

All the cupcakesNot long now until the BIG day. As I sit her munching on a few sweets I don’t need, I’m left with that nagging voice telling me there’s still a dress I need to squeeze into. And it is a little snug from when I bought it, but (apart from right now) good eating and no treats with a few more runs or bike rides a week and hopefully the dress will sit a bit better :-/ It’s ok, I’m too vain to wear a dress that doesn’t look good so I’ll be right (famous last words?).

This is the beautiful Bridal Shower invitation Mum made for everyone. I have no idea where Mum found the time to make them given what little time there was between agreeing on a date, and the actual date! As always, Mum’s cards are amazing and perfectly executed. All the cards Mum makes are pinned here.Bridal Shower Invite


7 thoughts on “Vintage styled cupcakes for Kade’s bridal shower

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  2. They look beautiful x

    • It’s such an honour to have you drop by my blog Hilary. I’m very humbled that you took time to comment. I know you will have provided so much inspiration to many people with your amazing cupcake designs. Your work is so exquisite and admired by so many people. Thank you.

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