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Vintage style cookies


Okie dokie, now that I’ve posted the recipe I used, here’s the cookies I decorated for Kade’s vintage bridal shower. I made vintage style cupcakes and decided to make these cookies in the same theme to take as well.

Gold dusted flowersI tinted the royal icing to match the fondant I’d already made for the flowers. I think the icing was a good match, though I need to remember that it will darken over time.

matching fondant and royal icingAfter I’d covered the cookies in flood consistency royal icing I let them dry overnight. The next day I used PME pearl spray to give them a nice sheen. Then it was simply a case of looking at all the left over flowers and deciding how I wanted to place them. I also used some pieces of cake lace I had and piped edges (where I’d cut the lace doiley) to finish them off better.

Vintage style cookiesI didn’t really think the cookies looked vintage-y (is that a word?) but I did think they looked pretty.

Despite adding orange juice as the majority of the liquid for the royal icing, the icing set up nicely. I only worried after I’d made the icing whether the orange juice would be detrimental to the icing. I don’t think the icing had a real orange flavour, but I guess it’s hard to tell when the cookies themselves have orange zest and orange extract.

Rosebuds and filigreeI was pleased how the roses turned out, but this was my first shot at filigree and I need some practice. The icing, despite being in a piping bag with a number 1 tip, ended up being quite fat.

I’ve found the royal icing slackens as it sits. I’m not sure if it’s because I use  egg albumen, or there’s more to it. I don’t recall this happening when I’ve used meringue powder. Since I’ve got lots of egg albumen I’m using this up before buying more meringue powder.

Stamped cookieLastly I tried something new. Not totally a success, but I used a stamp with Americolor airbrush black with some vodka (to thin it) and painted over the stamp and then pressed this onto the cookie. I’m clearly a bit heavy handed since the stamp made an impression in the royal icing, and the backing part of the stamp which had residual colour touched the surface of the icing and transferred the colour. I didn’t have enough cookies to keep trying to get the pressure right. I had a second attempt but I was too light handed this time and the stamp didn’t completely touch the cookie. I threw caution into the wind and stamped it a second time. What are the chances of lining up the stamp perfectly? As you can probably guess, I didn’t line the stamp up perfectly 😉

Vintage styled afternoon tea


12 thoughts on “Vintage style cookies

  1. Oh these are so beautiful! What a lovely bridal shower it must have been, so feminine and soft. You regularly say you need to practice and yet I think that every thing you do is so well done with clean lines and good balance. You are obviously an expert at time management as I know how long these things take to accomplish. Thanks for such regular, informative and detailed posts. Looking forward to what you will achieve this new year.

    • Hi Alison, thanks for the kind words. I was making the cookies and flowers over the Christmas holiday period when I wasn’t working. I think that’s why I had such a good time. It was very relaxed and without the usual time constraints. I’m still sussing out what I really want to achieve this year in cake decorating, there’s a couple of things on my mind, but as per usual, they’ll need some practice since it’s working with new things 🙂

  2. Hello. Love the cookies! Just curious, what cutters did you use for your flowers? Thanks,

    • Hi Sara. Sorry for taking so long to reply. The cutter is an Orchard brand 35mm rose cutter, very similar to the Jem easy rose cutters. Have you seen them before? Thanks for leaving a comment 🙂

  3. Very nice job! I was laughing at the stamp part…happened to me as well…in my case instead of flooding with icing I used fondant/chocolate 50/50, rolled it out (quite thin too) then stamped it THEN used cookie cutter and applied…never had that issue again since I’m reluctant to using the flooding method always in a hurry lol…the finished table is fantastic though you did an awesome job!

    • I really must have another go at stamping on cookies. I hope to find a good selection of stamps while I’m in San Francisco. Not that more stamps will make the task any easier 😉 Cheers

  4. These are lovely! Do you use a regular craft stamp or do they make special ones for cookies?

    • Hi Lauren, I’m glad you liked them. I used a normal stamp, it was bought specifically for cookies and will not be used for anything other than food. I have just bought a couple more stamps, I look for designs with clean lines and simple designs so that if there’s any bleeding of the food colour it wont distort the print too much. Cheers

  5. I was looking for an orange spice roll out cookie and found your site. Your work is beautiful. I actually think the tiny imperfections in the dress pattern give it a vintage look since patterns tend to have imperfections as they age. Your flowers are stunning. Thanks for sharing and I can’t wait for cooler weather to try your recipe.

    • Thank you so much for the encouragement Rhonda. Unlike you, I’m waiting for the warmer weather. It’s been a bitterly cold winter, though thankfully dry, which means I’ve not had any problems with moisture in the air with drying sugar flowers. I just need to get my mojo back. I feel guilty that I’ve really not done anything much over the winter period. I haven’t even posted at all since before May! Maybe the warmer weather will inspire me out of hibernation. Enjoy making the cookies 🙂

  6. Where did you get the cookie cutter with the unique shape (not the basic round ones you show here, but the other shape).

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