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A slice of life: 14-1


Well hello.

I don’t think I’ve actually said Happy New Year! So, Happy New Year!

Lately I’ve felt like I just wanted to talk. To talk about life things, things beyond or outside my kitchen. While I could talk till the cows came home about a recipe I’ve tired, or a decorating method I’m attempting to master, and all the ins and outs of how I got from point A to point B, sometimes I have other thoughts that I want to share.

So this is it. My first go at speaking my mind about things that aren’t necessarily related to baking/decorating.

Given the title, it could indicate that I might have more to share in the year, 14 being the year, 1 being the first “slice of life”.

And if this isn’t your thing then I don’t mind that you skip this post, but I hope you return for other posts.

Let’s get started. I know I have people who land on my blog, which isn’t the same as having loyal followers, but I know of at least a couple (waves). I started this blog to document my baking. Before this blog I had another, well two actually. One was specifically for a particular event in my life, to document a journey. The other was more generic, it was more a slice of life every other day J

I’ve seen the stats for this blog, so I know I have some people who receive notifications when I post something new, and I see which posts are the most viewed, and I know some of the search terms that brings people to this blog.

I sort of struggle with knowing how to write, given I might have some people who end up here more than once, might even be following along to each and every post I publish.

To begin with the blog was just a place to write a few recipes I tried, and to explain what I found helpful, what I changed, and what I ended up with, whether I liked it and whether it was worth the hype. I didn’t really write in a style that would draw in readers or make it feel like I knew you were on the other side of the screen. But then as more and more (there’s really not that many!) people found my blog, as I was notified another person had clicked the button to “follow” me, I’ve started to wonder if I should change how I write a bit, to acknowledge that there’s a real person on the other side of the screen.

I don’t want to come across rude or clinical when I write just because I don’t have a chit chatty type of writing style. Not that I’m the sort of person that can draw in people using fancy words or writing some carefully thought out sentence. I’m not a writer.

Hey, you’re there, I’m here. I know you’re there, so I think from now on I’ll try to include you more, like I know you’re there. Hope that’s ok.

I’ve thought about these slice of life posts. Mr Fussy is Mr Fussy when I’m talking about some culinary experience, but in real life he has a name. I know you know that J  Some of you might know his name. My wonderful husband, and partner in crime (no we don’t moonlight as burglars) is Mark.

We’ve been married 12 years this March and I can tell you that I feel like the luckiest woman on this planet to have such a wonderful devoted, forgiving husband.

My About page probably mentions we’ve got two cats. They are pretty pampered. Sometime we joke that for the money we spend on them that we should get a better return. That instead of them sleeping they should be entertaining us. But they are pretty funny, and special, and yes pampered, well as much as they’ll allow. They’re Chinchilla Bermans and are supposed to love having their coats brushed (Maranello will bite us, Murcielago will tolerate it for a while) and be extremely affectionate (they won’t even sit on our laps). They are brothers and Maranello can be a real pain following Murcielago around, almost ankle tapping him. Murcielago’s original name is “Gentle Ben” and he really is gentle. But he will occasionally get his revenge and push Maranello out of his chosen sleeping possie (against my pillow on the bed) and spread himself out.

My mother-in-law came to live with us in September 2011 after Mark’s dad passed away the same year in August. It’s a very different home when it’s no longer just the two of you. It’s not always easy, not because my MIL isn’t nice, she’s lovely, but we sometimes crave having some personal space and time just to ourselves in the house. I don’t think it’s an unnatural feeling even though I feel guilty for wanting the house to ourselves on occasion.

None of this is what I actually wanted to write but I thought it might be nice to do a bit of an introduction, the person behind the blog.

On that note I have a full-time job. I’ve been with the same employer for 14 years this March, in different roles. I’m currently a consultant and sometimes I have to travel for work, or work from a customer’s premise. My team at work are a bunch of really funny, smart i.e. clever, people. The person I admire most at work was my immediate boss, who was seconded to Melbourne, but is hopefully returning to our Christchurch office soon. I’m not sure what role she’ll be returning to, but it will be great having her here.

I don’t think it’s a surprise to anyone that I have a sweet tooth. I love to eat desserts, and chocolate. There was a time when biking and running took all of my spare time and I could pretty much eat anything without weight being put on. I was regularly training for 10-16 hours a week, depending on what event I had coming up. Now that time has been replace with kitchen stuff and the amount of running and riding I do is minimal. If I didn’t have to take my laptop home with me (and sometimes I don’t – I’m so rebellious) I would bike more often. My laptop weighs 3kg, and is a monster (it has the number pad making it bigger in size). When I have it in my backpack it weighs me down. It makes biking a lot more challenging. For now I run each morning for around 5-8k’s and have a quick weights routine. We’re talking about getting back into biking during the winter. Hopefully that’s still a little way off, though I have to say summer has been a bit of a no-show.

Ok, I better leave it at that. I’m sure this is quite wordy and one of the longer posts given there’s not a lot of useful information in here!

Maybe 14-2 will be the post I thought I’d write.

Catch ya later


2 thoughts on “A slice of life: 14-1

  1. Well hello back happy lady who is not just a serial baker. Nice to meet you outside of your box. I know you and I already mates of a sort, but it is so refreshing just to read your thoughts from the heart. I so admire that you two have welcomed Mark’s mother into your home – not easy on both sides. Your life seems enriched and balanced – count your blessings!

    Looking forward to the next slice of the pie that is emerging!

    • Thanks Alison. I appreciate you leaving me a comment and yep, we are mates 🙂 I’m drafting another slice right now. Hopefully what is in my head doesn’t come across like I’m a nut job 😉 Talk soon!

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