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Being a Kiwi

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Little Kiwi Birds

I had two sketches in mind for my Kiwi cookies. For the most part they both came out pretty close. I had hoped to put a bit of brush embroidery along the edges of the above Kiwi cookies to give a bit more texture and life to the edge of the Kiwi, but my attempt turned out pretty ugly. The good thing about “ugly” is that it can be dealt with swiftly. It tasted good 😉

What I remember growing up during my teenage years was stubbies. Stubbies were worn by men (and boys), so I’m not sure why it sticks in my mind, but everywhere you turned men were wearing stubbies. I’m not sure if outside of NZ or Australia people know what stubbies are, or whether they were worn forever (so it seemed) by the men-folk.

My second design, the more fiddly, included a bit of a Kiwi bloke look. Singlets and stubbies. I used an Americolor edible marker to draw the fern onto the singlet having let the cookies dry overnight.

Both cookies were fairly simple to pipe, but the bigger Kiwis had more pieces where I needed to pipe a section, wait a good 30-60 minutes before coming back to pipe another part. I didn’t want the parts to flow into each other, and I wanted to see some definition between the sections.

I made these cookies the weekend before Kade and Randall’s wedding. And I think this week Mr Fussy has finally finished them off.  Oops, he says no. And he’s confirmed they’re still alright. I used the recipe I cobbled together, minus the cardamom. I bet they tasted fresher a week or so ago, but seems Mr Fussy isn’t so fussy after all.

Singlets and ferns


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