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Ham and Potato Bake


Early in February I got around to making yet another dish I’d found and pinned on Pinterest. I was keen to make this to use up some of the left over, frozen, Christmas ham.
The original recipe can be found on Exclusively Food, here.
Although I thought I was being careful not to overcook the potato, it still happened. A few of them had started to break apart when I got up to check. And the amount of potato stated in the recipe wasn’t sufficient. Thankfully I had some left over new potato from the previous night’s dinner. They were being saved for my MIL to have for a lunch during the week (waste not want not) but they were called upon to complete this dish. So while I was at it, I added the left over spring carrots as well.
The recipe says to cut the potato 1cm thick, perhaps mine were a bit too thick and that’s why I ran out. I was quite a bit short though. I think there were 4 potatos from the previous night that I used.
I tested my loose bottom 8″ cake pan and it leaked so I had to use my 8″ Fat Daddio cake tin to make dinner. Even though the base and sides were covered with baking paper the fat from the cheese leaked and that left odd stains on the cake tin that still remain. Boo.
I was somewhat nervous about getting the potato bake out of the tin but I recalled Nigella faced with the same problem and just as cool as a cucumber she tipped her thing out onto a plate and then used a plate on the other side (so the potato bake is like a filling between two plates) and tipped it back up the right way. If Nigella can pull it off, surely I could too. And I did.
I’m glad I’ve still got another package of Christmas ham left because I’m already planning on making this again. It was very tasty.


2 thoughts on “Ham and Potato Bake

  1. That looks like one of those recipes you will use again and again. A good standby for a lunch etc. It looks miserable down your way – it sure was cold today here!

    • I reckon Alison. I’ve certainly got plans to make it again. Wish me luck. I’m flying to Hamilton tonight. I’m sitting in Koru waiting for my delayed flight. Eeek.

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