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St Patrick’s Day Cookies


Gosh, I almost forgot it’s St Patrick’s Day tomorrow and I haven’t posted the cookies I made. Not that they’re anything amazing. But following on with the theme of hand painting, I decided to paint most of the cookies that I hadn’t used the wet on wet technique.

I made a batch of the cookie dough minus the cardamom and orange rind, instead opting to use the new Flavacol I bought straight from the New World supermarket while in Hamilton. It was butterscotch.

2014-03-08 18.22.56

Butterscotch cookies

I baked the cookies Saturday afternoon and whipped up royal icing, but I used Color Flow rather than Meringue Powder. And because I make assumption, I treated the quantity of Color Flow the same as I would Meringue Powder (but CF is about twice the strength going by the proportions of the powder to water).

2014-03-08 16.43.56

Wilton Color Flow

2014-03-08 16.47.50

The consistency was thicker than royal icing made with Meringue Powder.

I also was trying Sweet Hope Cookie’s (her name is Anita too) FrankenFrosting recipe. It is equal parts Royal Icing and Glaze. I’ve never made glaze before, well I guess I have, but for bread or loaves, never as a coverage of cookies I was going to decorate.

I used Wilton clear Vanilla and also Butter flavouring. It made a difference to the flavour, I guess it’s an improvement. But it’s still sweet.

2014-03-08 17.24.30

The result of 50/50 RI and Glaze. You have FrankenFrosting.

The glaze is a lot looser, so I guess all up adding that to the double strength royal icing sort of evened things out. Mr Fussy said the icing is the same as normal, so has a crust but still soft.

Saturday night I flooded all the cookies. I used my new PME needle, it’s a bit thicker and it makes the job of gently swirling the icing to get it to move a little further out and to become a smoother edge much easier. Some  cookies I decorated using the wet on wet technique, the rest would be left overnight to dry out completely, ready for painting.

2014-03-08 18.54.31-1

My new, slightly thicker, PME needle.

I really wasn’t too sure what I was doing, and I was hoping for a more water coloured effect than I got. But I realised I was using normal food gel thinned with vodka and I should have been using my air brush colours (which is a thinner liquid).

It’s all about learning 🙂

2014-03-09 11.16.58

Using Americolor food gels.

2014-03-09 13.59.42-1

Things got messy.

I started with a plaque cookie and added the rainbow, but there was too much cookie left. I grabbed the Macbook (before it died) and Google searched pot of gold and used an image as a reference. All images are freehand, as if it needs to be pointed out.

Next came a hat which turned out pretty good, but I was using quite a bit of colour to get the shading, and it was starting to make the royal icing dissolve a little. In the end it looks a bit like felt. Not such a bad thing really.

2014-03-09 13.59.13-1 2014-03-09 13.59.30-1 2014-03-09 13.59.06-1

I was starting to get the hang of it but was clean out of ideas. I had to keep doing Google searches to find something else new to draw. The last one I did was the scroll work with a shamrock. I would have liked to do something incorporating a Celtic design but I’m a long way from being that good.  But practice will help 🙂

Happy St Patrick’s Day, for tomorrow.

2014-03-08 19.40.58-1

Wet on wet shamrocks.


4 thoughts on “St Patrick’s Day Cookies

  1. Awww they look fabulous! Happy St Patrick’s day xx

  2. What! No Sunday evening post this week! You must be frantically busy, or away, or distracted.

    • Hi Alison. I know! I feel a bit guilty I didn’t post our anniversary cake on Sunday. Very busy weekend decorating more cookies. And work is full on at the moment so I needed a little breather. I plan to write something tonight though. Thanks for missing the post 🙂

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