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Joy’s Best Browned Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies


Poor Mr Fussy has had very little choice in cookies for work. I’ve been so busy making sugar cookies decorated with Royal Icing that there’s been no need to bake anything else. I can’t blame him for the look of delight when I suggested making chocolate chip cookies.

Bright and colourful

Bright and colourful

I’d read Joy’s blog when she posted the recipe and it had been on my mind to make these next time I had nothing else on my agenda. And that happened to be today.

Actually I made the dough last night and left it in the fridge overnight. Poor Joy, not sure what she might think with us swapping out the majority of the bittersweet chocolate to the bag of M&Ms that had been tucked away up in the pantry. We still added a little 50% Whittaker’s chocolate to round things out.

Very light in colour and structure.

Very light in colour and structure.

I really enjoyed the smell of the cookie dough, the aroma of the browned butter was very pleasant. The recipe itself is a little bit fussy, but the results are worth it. You’ve got to brown the butter and leave it to cool some 20 minutes before beginning. Then you cream brown sugar and the other half of the butter together before adding in the browned butter and white sugar. So there’s sort of two rounds of butter/sugar.  And then there’s the egg. There’s 1 whole egg and a egg yolk. What to do what that egg white because I’m not fond of tossing ingredients down the sink. Thank goodness egg white freezes well, and in my experience, works just the same when it’s thawed.

Plonk a couple of spoonfuls onto Gladwrap and roll. Easy peasy.

Plonk a couple of spoonfuls onto Gladwrap and roll. Easy peasy.

The dough is very light in colour, and it’s very soft as well. I also made a bit of a change. Rather than press the cookie dough into a disk and refrigerating, I rolled it into a log using Gladwrap. Taking large spoonfuls of dough to make a log was no problem, and those spoonfuls of dough came together into a cohesive log without any need of massaging it. I’m glad I left it in the fridge to firm up a big. Cutting the log into slices wasn’t difficult at all.

Eek, it's got a flat bottom. Must make uniform.

Eek, it’s got a flat bottom. Must make uniform.

As expected the dough had a flat bottom. I wasn’t especially happy with the idea of cookies baking with a straight edge so I succumbed and took each cut piece and squashed it and then rolled it into a ball and flattened it on the baking tray. Then I turned the cookie over so the flattened bottom was facing up.

All round and even, but perhaps a little too fat. Next time squish them a bit more.

All round and even, but perhaps a little too fat. Next time squish them a bit more.

The first tray went into the oven and it didn’t take me long to decide I’d flatten the remaining cookie balls more, and not tidy up the edges so that they were nice and smooth. The first lot just seemed a little organised and not quite as appealing. Not that the look detracted from the enjoyment of eating a warm cookie. The edges have a very delicate crispness and the inside is softer but has enough structure that it holds its own and doesn’t crumble. When the cookies were completely cool they were still very nice to eat. The few chunks of actual chocolate was still soft and oozed when finally allowed to escape the confines of the cookie.

I ended up with two “logs” of cookie dough. The other one has been put in a Glad ziploc bag and now in the freezer. Now Mr Fussy has another week of chocolate chip cookies to look forward to when he (desperately) needs a change.

Plenty of colour when you sub in M&Ms instead of bittersweet chocolate.

Plenty of colour when you sub in M&Ms instead of bittersweet chocolate.

This is another cookie recipe I’d be happy to make again. It’s quite different to other Chocolate Chip cookies we’ve made. I really liked the lightness and of course that browned butter.

While those cookies were baking, I was busy using my new KopyKake (KK) to trace some images onto (more) sugar cookies I baked (from previously rolled and then frozen cookie dough) on Friday night. Hopefully I’ll have finished the decorating by end of next weekend and will post the cookies. For now the cookies are in the freezer awaiting my attention, and steady (haha) hand.2014-05-25 11.07.20 2014-05-25 11.08.50 2014-05-25 11.07.53 2014-05-25 11.06.40 2014-05-25 11.06.13

All the countries we're visiting.

All the countries we’re visiting.

And following on from the theme of next weeks cookies, I’m off to Auckland tomorrow back Wednesday evening, and before we head overseas I’ve got another overnight trip to Auckland, then the week before we head away I’m in Sydney the entire week. While it sounds busy (and it will be), I’m hoping that by the time we get on the plane for Canada (our first stop)

I’ll actually be tired enough that I’ll sleep. Wouldn’t that be nice 🙂


4 thoughts on “Joy’s Best Browned Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

  1. I love Joy’s blog – she’s such a girlfriend! I made her cinnamon pull apart bread for breakfast on Mal’s birthday. Do you have her book? It’s great fun, as is Smitten Kitchen’s. Happy whizzing about before you start the real travelling.

    • Hi Alison. I’m afraid to admit I don’t have Joy’s book, or Smitten Kitchen. I’ve got Chelsea Winter’s cookbook on order. Does that help to redeem myself? 😉 The cinnamon pull apart bread sounds so nice, of course I couldn’t make it because a certain Mr Fussy would squirm. And belated Happy Birthday to Mal.

  2. Hi Neets another source of excellent chocolate chip cookies is Sally’s Baking Addiction blog – she also has a book out – her Cake Batter Chocolate Chip cookies are to die for… Highly recommend!! Mr Fussy would be in heaven – my husband certainly was!!

    • Thanks Karen. I’ve often gone to Sally’s Baking Addition’s blog. Lots of lovely recipes there. I’m going to take my time getting my head around a cake batter chocolate chip cookie, a very different concept, though it sounds like they’re a hit 🙂 Thank you

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