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QEII – Happy Birthday

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Happy birthday QEIIIt’s another long weekend in New Zealand. It’s Queen’s Birthday weekend. Woo hoo.

Strangely I’ve not actually been focused on another long weekend coming up like usual. There’s been no countdown, but probably because we’re counting down to our trip. Today being the first day of winter, means it’s THIS MONTH that we head off overseas, to enjoy some summer!

Given I wasn’t really thinking about the long weekend meant I had no plans of making a cake. I hadn’t given anything a thought. I was only focused on trying to arrange more tourist “things” this weekend.

So these cookies are a real last minute bash at doing something in recognition of the Queen’s Birthday.

The cookies themselves were baked and flooded for Mother’s Day. I put them in the freezer the following day and sort of forgot about them.

At least that gave me a head start. I knew what I wanted to do, I wanted to decorate the cookies with cake on a cake stand. Lucky for me Yankee Girl Yummies had just this Wednesday had a share on her Facebook page with the theme being birthday. I had a quick flick through the photos and found one by Bakerlook Station that had the sort of look I was after. My cookies are a little different. I guess it was more the cake stand design that I was really keen on.

I used a couple of different stencils with the same PME silver spray. I held down the stencil with the PME scriber, just to make sure it had better contact with the cookie, and the spray wouldn’t creep under the stencil. It worked ok, but it wasn’t perfect.

Birthday CakesAll the royal icing I made last weekend for the cookies I began (patiently waiting more attention – in the freezer) I had put away in the freezer. I had to remix my black and yellow (adding warm brown to make it a more gold colour) to make them thicker for piping. I added cocoa powder to the black and icing sugar to the yellow/gold.

So you can see, all that went into these cookies were almost hand-me-downs.

What I wanted to do was to print the images I had for a crown, and I wanted the ER as well. I decided I’d have to get the printer configured on the Macbook but found that the drivers were only for Windows. Then I turned to my Notebook which had been configured. But alas I was out of black and magenta. And despite replacing the black cartridge, the printer wont have a bar of it unless all colours have sufficient to go, even though I only wanted a black and white print out. That meant that I was going to have to be brave and do it all by hand. While the cookies were still “just out of the freezer” I used the scribe tool to scribble out the designs. Mostly it was ok and I knew that I could try and make it flow a bit better with the piping – I hoped!

Sugarflair LustreThis was the first time I had used Sugarflair lustre dust to paint onto a cookie. Here’s a photo of the cookies with and without the lustre. I took a photo of them before because I thought I might mess things up, or they would look bad, but I much prefer them with the lustre.

Before Lustre

After lustre

After lustre

I used Rose Spirit instead of Vodka. That stuff really dries quickly. I had to add more Rose Spirit several times before I was happy with the coverage on the cookies. I also switched brushes. The first I tried is a nail art brush which I cut down so there wasn’t so much brush to catch the base of the cookie (I’d read about this on Cookie  Connection), but the brush itself ended up being too stiff. I switched to a softer brush, but it had longer hairs, but it worked well enough. But ideally I’ll get another brush with softer hairs and cut it down.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

Anyway, given the little amount of time I gave to these cookies, and the new techniques I tried, I’m pretty happy with how they came together.

Happy Birthday your Royal Highness.


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