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Breast Cancer Awareness – 2014


In order to make up for the silence of the last couple of weekends I’ve got not one cake, not two, but three cakes. Am I off the hook?

And since you’ve had to wait for so long, I wont waste any more time, here they are.

Pink ribbon stencil. A trial of a new mud cake recipe

Pink ribbon stencil. A trial of a new mud cake recipe

Hope and butterflies. A cake for a special lady.

Hope and butterflies. A cake for a special lady.

A splash of colour using rose spirit and petal dusts

A splash of colour using rose spirit and petal dusts

I made a 6″ American Mud Cake, thanks to Summer’s recipe which you’ll find on her blog, Cake Paper Party. I also made a 8″ American Mud Cake (cakes 1 & 3 pictured). The middle cake is another of Summer’s recipe, one I’ve baked before, her Sour Cream Vanilla Bean cake.

I actually made a 6″ and 5″ cake from the one recipe, the 5″ cake is already filled and ganached and sitting in the freezer waiting for an occasion to be used. And it turns out the new mud cake recipe is a hit. It’s a little less heavy/dense and a little more cake-like for a mud cake, but it works beautifully still with ganache and fondant.

Both 6″ cakes had been filled and ganached and put in the freezer (cakes 1 & 2) and the 8″ had been frozen too, but was frozen as separate layers. The two 6″ cakes were taken from the freezer Thursday morning and I covered the 2nd cake in fondant that night. Cake no. 1 was covered the following morning (I couldn’t sleep). All were easy to cover in many ways. I’d given up on my The Mat and instead rolled the fondant directly on the bench. It rolled so quickly it was great. And I even rolled the fondant around the rolling pin. Previously I’d been concerned that I might leave impressions on the fondant from where it was rolling on itself. So while it rolled nicely, and wrapped around the rolling pin without any nasty marks, I did end up with a little bit of elephant skin going on.

My acetate smoothers had finally arrived from the UK. I didn’t think I’d end up using them as the ones I’d fashioned from a chopping board had done a good job on a previous cake, but the smoothers from the UK really did a lovely job of smoothing out most of the elephant skin. The acetate is thinner than the chopping board I hacked up which probably makes the difference. Anyway I managed nice sharp edges on all 3 cakes without having to work too hard for it. I’m so pleased that it’s all working out now, including having finally managed to get the ganache on just (about) perfectly. I had been having problems keeping the bottom of my scraper straight up and down, it was firmly on the board but it trailed at the bottom and it was causing me to have the bottom (which is the top – I ganache upside down) to taper in. So this last cake (no. 3) I used the acrylic rounds on both the bottom and the top and instead of spending 20 minutes trying to keep things even, I reckon I took about 5 minutes to ganache the cake. It was so easy, so simple, so quick. And it looked a lot better, like it was seemless. Other cakes have been fine, but a bit patchy in application where this looked like I started at one point and managed to get around the complete cake in one sweep.

The Friday night I covered the 3rd cake, it was looking really good. And of course it would, it was the only cake that would be completely covered in more fondant and didn’t have to look perfect underneath (Murphy’s Law). I also had two 10.5″ squares of acrylic which I had lightly covered in Crisco and then covered in white fondant. I covered these with a large zip loc bag. The bags were also 10.5″ so I couldn’t slip the acrylic inside and had to settle with placing the bags over the top to prevent the fondant from drying too much. As it turned out the edges had dried out a bit too much so I didn’t use those bits. But considering the fondant had been out for over 12 hours it worked nicely. I just cut the fondant into strips and then used a little palate knife to slip between the acrylic and fondant to manoeuvre the strip and then place against the cake. First I also applied a thin layer of Crisco onto the side of the cake so the fondant strips would adhere nicely. The design idea came from a post on The Cake Blog, a beautiful cake by AK Cake Design. Although I loved the process, the colours are brighter than I hoped they would be. Next time I’ll know better.

As for the Breast Cancer heart cake, that idea came from a cake Erin O’Brien had made. And then the 1st cake, my practice cake, I used the same colours as used in cake 3, but just what was left, and then “watered down” more with more rose spirit. It didn’t quite work as nicely as I wanted, it was a bit patchy, but again I’ve learnt a few things for next time. The plaque was made Friday night too. I rolled some fondant and the placed my Pink Ribbon stencil (for cookies) over the fondant, adhered a little by Crisco (without it the stencil slipped about and moved) and then I rolled it a bit more which let the fondant push a little through the stencil. While the stencil was still on the fondant I used a brush which had a light coating of petal dust and dusted over the pink ribbons. I removed the stencil and used the plaque cutter to cut out a section of what I’d stencilled. Lastly I placed the plaque onto a piece of waxed paper and then put that against a dummy cake so that it would dry with the right curve to fit nicely on the cake later.

Making the butterflies and the “hope” word was probably the hardest. Using tappits and patchwork cutters require quite a bit of patience, even using some new techniques I’d learnt (placing gladwrap over the letters, rolling gumpaste over). Needless to say there were a few busted butterflies and several of the same letters in case I wasn’t able to get the letters to come away cleanly from the rolled gumpaste.

All in all I was pleased with how the cakes came out. The last thing to do was to finish up the weekend by making a few cookies.

Dots Multi coloured roses Single rose


4 thoughts on “Breast Cancer Awareness – 2014

  1. Super pretty…and quite practical too (provisions!)

  2. Lovely to see you back. Beautiful cakes and thanks for the links to explore.

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