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A tasty little loaf recipe

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Happy New Year!

BakedWe’ve been away on the Sunshine Coast (Queensland Australia) since Boxing Day. I can tell you there were a few days where it rained so hard we remained indoors, and to have been able to bake would have been lovely. While we had a full kitchen, there was nothing at all to bake with, plus no pantry staples. Even the usual buttermilk pancakes didn’t happen because it was too much of an ordeal to try and get flour, baking powder and baking soda.

It’s taken a day to unpack (well there’s still a few more things I need to find space for) so I don’t feel like I’ve been too shabby in getting myself back into the kitchen.

One of the ladies at work is going on Maternity leave this coming Friday (I presume she’s still at work, there’s a good chance she could deliver early) so I’ve been mixing colours into Royal Icing preparing myself to decorate some cookies. Thankfully I have quite a few undecorated cookies in the freezer from Christmas. So there’ll be no baby shapes, but I’ll decorate in a baby theme – at least that’s the plan.

Today I started out with a quick bread (there’s a Blueberry Tart to make too).  In New Zealand we’d just cut to the chase and call this a savoury loaf. Or we’d take the same ingredients and divide it amongst muffin tins and have, well, muffins.

The recipe I used was this one by The Kitchn.

Mix the wet into the dry ingredients

Mix the wet into the dry ingredients

I went for the Herb Sundried Tomato and Cheese loaf. The recipe didn’t say whether the Oregano and Thyme were fresh or dried. I used dried. I was worried that if the herbs were measured as fresh then the flavours would be too strong since dried herbs are more flavourful.

It looks really stodgy but it baked up beautifully.

It looks really stodgy but it baked up beautifully.

I also didn’t use buttermilk. My MIL had bought sweetened natural yoghurt for me so I’d have it available for breakfast Saturday morning (and at 1am when we arrived home I was mixing up my wet muesli ready for breakfast). It’s not the brand I prefer so in order not to waste it (and seem like a spoilt brat) I used that in the loaf. I did not add any sugar at all to the recipe.

Blog_110115-2All in all it turned out well, had good flavour, but I think I’d prefer it as a muffin. I don’t know, muffins just seem easier to handle. Or I should just wait a little longer so the slices aren’t so delicate to handle.

Always better with a proper spread of butter.

Always better with a proper spread of butter.

The crumb is nice and light despite the batter looking like it’s rather solid.

Ok, next up is the Blueberry tart recipe (once I’ve made and sampled of course) and a little write up on using Rainbow Dust Progels.


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