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Preview of a cake duo


There’s not enough time left to give my usual blow by blow account of making these cakes. So for now it’s just a couple of photos with a promise that I’ll do my usual re-cap of what went into making each of these cakes.

The wedding cake was made for Jo’s son’s wedding Saturday afternoon. The 50th cake for Kathy’s fiancee’s birthday.

This is the first time I’ve had two significant cakes to make in the one week, so it was a big thing for me.

More details will follow ….

Frangipani Wedding Cake

Frangipani Wedding Cake

50th Birthday Cake

50th Birthday Cake


2 thoughts on “Preview of a cake duo

  1. Those are a couple of contrasts – the frangipani wedding cake is stunning in it’s simplicity, while the birthday cake embraces modernism which is in all forms of the arts now – there is a real trend to it in quiltmaking too.

    Lovely work as always.

    • Hi Alison, thanks for the lovely comments. Yes they are so vastly different, and for such different celebrations. I didn’t really want to see them side by side as if it was a case of picking one over the other. I reckon I’d always go for the more feminine/pretty cake, but I loved doing something so different, and in many ways harder. Trying to come up with something that’s not pretty is challenging for me, so I’m really happy with how Greg’s cake evolved. When I was researching geometric patterns there were so many quilt images that popped up. I’m glad you like the cakes 🙂

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