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DoughEZ Mat

DoughEZMatWhen Dave (Mr Fussy’s good friend from High School) returned from his month-long ski trip to Denver, Colorado, he bought back a number of things I’d ordered from the States. One of those things was the very new to market DoughEZ mat.

Because I had a few cakes to make (still two to write a post for), this weekend was the first I had to focus of cookie things. I’ve made some Chocit roses and flowers, made some royal icing rose transfers, and finally this morning I made some cookie dough, three types in fact, so that I could test drive the DoughEZ mat.

Gingerbread_Chocolate SweetSugarBell_LemonShortbreadI made Sweetapolita’s Dark Chocolate Sugar Cookie, my preferred chocolate cookie recipe, Haniela’s Gingerbread cookies (which is an adaption from Sweetopia’s Gingerbread cookie recipe) and SweetSugarBelle’s Basic Sugar Cookie recipe.

I made some changes to Haniela’s recipe. I replaced the honey and molassas for Golden Syrup, and instead for Star Anise I used Allspice. To the chocolate cookies I added Raspberry emulsion (and wished I hadn’t). To the Basic Sugar Cookie recipe (BSCR) I added my usual lemon extract.

Both the Gingerbread and the Chocolate cookie recipes stated to chill the dough first. The BSCR doesn’t need to be chilled. However I always chill the dough, but after having rolled it out. Trying to roll out already chilled dough just hurts my wrists.

So none of the recipes had been chilled, but all of them rested a minimum of 30 minutes. Now it was time to see how the DoughEZ mat behaved with these 3 different recipes. All 3 of them were a softish dough. I could easily press my fingertips into the dough.

Sweetapolita_ChocolateI first cleaned the DoughEZ mat as described and placed the plastic guides under the mat. I used 1/3 of the dough and roughly shaped it into a square/rectangle and got to work. I folded the other half over the top and then rolled away. It was pretty quick work which I was very pleased with.

DoughEZ_ChocolateI carefully peeled back the top layer of the DoughEZ mat and was a bit disappointed that the dough had stuck a little to the surface. The instructions go on to say that you need to place a piece of waxed paper over the surface then flip the whole thing. Now to peel back the other side. Same deal. Bits of dough had stuck to the mat. So again I placed another piece of waxed paper down. It was very easy to just smooth over the surface to get those little peaks of dough back under control.

DoughEZ_GingerbreadNow for me I don’t mind the whole waxed thing because often I roll the dough and then freeze it. I like it to be between sheets of waxed paper. It means when it comes to use it, it’s good to go. I just use a pallet knife to loosen it from the waxed paper, cut my shapes, then I can easily remove the shapes and transfer to the baking tray.

DoughEZ_LemonShortbreadBut one of the big advantages of the DoughEZ mat is meant to be the saving on waxed paper. That you can just peel the mat away, use one piece of waxed paper (primarily to protect the mat) and cut the shapes. Many users of the DoughEZ mat have said they don’t worry about the waxed paper. They cut their shapes out directly on the mat without any damage or difficulty.

My experiment would be a bit one-sided unless I tried my usual method which is to roll the dough between two sheets of waxed paper.

WaxedPaper1What I became aware of, which I’ve never noticed, was the noise it makes rolling over waxed paper. It’s actually quite noisey. This is the first time I’ve had any strips to use as a guide. I usually use my Joseph Joseph rolling pin which has guides on the ends to ensure an even thickness of dough. I really like using the strips though. Often the rolling pin will slide rather than roll. It can really get a way on you and you find yourself almost laying over the bench. Okay, maybe not quite that dramatic, but it definitely heads in that direction.

WaxedPaper2The waxed paper behaved as it typically does, which is the bottom piece to crease. Which means you have to flip the dough over, pull the waxed paper out from the dough, lay it flat over the dough and roll again to try and ease the crease out from the dough. And now on thinking about it, it becomes a bit of a hassle to d fix it.

SSB_LemonShortbreadEven though the DoughEZ pulled a bit of the dough away on each side, the process itself was so much quicker and slicker that although not perfect using the dough recipes I used, I will definitely continue with the mat. Who knows, other recipes may perform better, but I like the chocolate and BSCR so I’m happy to use my little white scraper over the surface of the mat to gather up those little bits of dough. It’s not much of an inconvenience.

**** Update ****

Brenda from DoughEZ was kind enough to offer the following suggestions:

Play around with your dough and new Dough EZ system.
Slightly knead your dough on the mat before rolling out.  Place your dough within the mat and use mat cover to partially flatten. Now use your rolling pin and begin to roll out dough as directed stopping halfway thru, before you reach the desired thickness. Slowly peel back mat to see if sticking occurred. Please see photos.( I almost have the cover of the mat flush with itself, when you peel back cover.) Recover and continue to roll to desired thickness.
Depending on your recipe residual sticking may occur during the initial roll out. It should cease during re-rolling process. You should be able to re roll your dough, numerous times with out having issues that normally take place when you use excess flour in the process.
To remedy this, take scraps and run them across the mat and it will pick up these little pieces. If your recipe is extremely sticky or extensive sticking of dough to the mat occurs, then add a small dusting of flour to the mat at the beginning of the rolling process or as needed.
Hope this information helps. For more tips and techniques, check out our video demos or tutorials at www.dough-ez.com.
**** And on another note, I wanted to mention the fabulous communication with Brenda. When I first saw the mat I contacted Brenda about whether she shipped to New Zealand and she came back with a price. Then I made contact a few days later asking if there was any chance the mat could be sent to Dave and gave the date he was to leave Denver. Brenda very kindly got the mat sent sooner than the website suggested and then followed up after it had been despatched. That’s great customer service in my book. Then the email the other day asking how I was getting on, which coincided with this post. It’s great to see a business so interested in how their product is being received. ****

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Merry Christmas – 2014

And another year draws to a close. And almost without time to do anything for Christmas. Usually I’m baking Christmas Mince Pies from Show Weekend. My first batch was last Sunday. It’s been such a rush these past few months.

As a bit of a consolation prize I managed to make the Alton Brown Rich Fruit cake (same as I made last year), this time as a cake and I had enough batter left over for 4 (or was it 5?) mini loaves as well.

Mr Fussy's cake. All four corners have his name on them.

Mr Fussy’s cake. All four corners have his name on them.

Given the cake was baked only last week and as an after thought, there was no plan for any decorating. In fact the store bought decorations I’d relied on in past years I’d just thrown out. Now I was stuck. I didn’t really want to leave the cake covered in fondant, but to do something a bit different for Mr Fussy. This after all is his cake. And he gets to have all 4 corners. Corner pieces are much sought after in our family. Natalie managed to get the sides of the fruit cake baked for Jasmine and Sam’s wedding, and when I asked what happened to the corners she said she’d eaten them already! This was just 2 days after the wedding and they were gone. Saves that awkward moment when you begrudgingly share. But we understand, we’ve all been there.

But this is Mr Fussy’s cake. It wont be served on Christmas day, it’ll just be his little secret cake.

The rest of the weekend I spent baking and decorating cookies for Christmas. Much like the cake I really didn’t have any fixed ideas as to how I was going to decorate these. And some haven’t been finished, only that I’m not sure if I want to put anything more on the trees.

I rather like the trees just as they are. But they're not as Christmassy as they could be. To add some baubles or not?

I rather like the trees just as they are. But they’re not as Christmassy as they could be. To add some baubles or not?

Work has been frantic and the last two weeks we’ve been lucky to escape from work before 6pm, some nights it’s 7pm. So we arrive home exhausted and with little thought for anything but trying to summon up the strength to cook something that includes vegetables for dinner.

I got rebellious and made a squiggly snowflake. Anything goes!

I got rebellious and made a squiggly snowflake. Anything goes!

Anyway, these cookies were a good way for me to unwind and spend some time doing something I enjoy. Plus I got to make the reindeer cookie that I’ve been wanting to make ever since I saw it last year. But I didn’t have the right cutter, so a year later here were are, even if it’s just the one. Sadly the icing cracked while it was drying. Still was fun to make.

The big debate was whether to add the snow or not. So far the "or not" wins.

The big debate was whether to add the snow or not. So far the “or not” wins.

And here are some other cookies, not all of them, but a good selection of the others I made. Now to find containers to store them all in until Thursday.

A mix of stencilling, stamps and piping.

A mix of stencilling, stamps and piping.

Well, it seems it wont always go right.

Well, it seems it wont always go right.

Seems a bit weird to have a snowman at Christmas in New Zealand.

Seems a bit weird to have a snowman at Christmas in New Zealand.

I have no idea what the plan is for these. I bought ribbon and all, but what to pipe on them.  Merry Xmas? Mark, Anita I'm digging the "free spirit" piping though. I must be tired.

I have no idea what the plan is for these. I bought ribbon and all, but what to pipe on them. Merry Xmas? Mark (Mr Fussy), Anita I’m digging the “free spirit” piping though. I must be tired.

Hope that whatever you do during this holiday time you have a fun relaxing time spent with those near and dear to you. Stay safe.


Princesses and Pirate Cookies

Pirate themed cookies

Pirate themed cookies

I know. I’ve been bad at keeping up with a regular post. I’ve also been extremely busy these past few weekends. So much so going back to work on Monday seems like a break.

Enough of the complaining. This post is about a set of cookies I made for Jo from work, you might remember Jo from this post. She’s awesome.

I made the cookies twice. The first time was a few weeks before I needed them, but I made them Friday night and didn’t put them in the freezer until Sunday. I’d managed to flood many of them Sunday night but the icing hadn’t quite set properly (even with being in the dehydrator) and the ziploc bag stuck to the surface. So between worrying about the mottled surface and the freshness, I tossed the lot.

Onto a new batch. I still made them ahead of time, earlier in the week I needed them for but put them straight into the freezer. I still had the icing from the first batch so at least I didn’t have to remake that.

All the princess themed cookies

All the princess themed cookies

Thursday night I started with backgrounds, like the insets of some of the dresses, and piping some of the ships and the flesh part of the pirate faces. I also snipped up some cake lace I had to see if it might be able to be used in the dresses. I was off to a good start.

Friday night Mr Fussy went ahead and did all the shopping on his own (bless him, he’s such a good man) so I could go home straight away and get on with the cookies. We were leaving very early to get a flight the next morning to Queenstown where we were staying for Labour Weekend.

I was pretty happy with how the ships were coming along, and the pirates were fun to make. I really enjoyed the more “boy” themed cookies. I found the dresses more challenging. I wanted them to be pretty with lots of dimension and delicate lace bits. They look fine, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with them, they’re just not quite as I’d hoped. I think part of the problem was that I hadn’t quite thought them through properly. I should have had more of a plan. These aren’t the sort of cookies you can wing. Or at least I can’t.

Close up of the dresses

Close up of the dresses

All in all I was happy with the cookies but boy was I tired. So tired that I really didn’t want to take the time to photograph the cookies. The pictures were taken in haste. I knew I’d be really disappointed if I hadn’t taken any photos.

Saturday morning I rushed to pack a bag and get 4 or was it 5 Tupperware containers into the car to head out to the airport.  Jo met us at the airport and was so excited to get home and have a look at the cookies.

I had made more than we had spoken of. I always make more than I think I need. You never know if there’ll be an accident or I botch something up, or like this past weekend, drop a cookie I was happy with. So I always make some more. Plus I wanted to make a cake cookie, and I did.

It’s not like I need to make cookies for young children so when the opportunity presents itself I sort of cram a few extra things in that have piqued my interest over time.

Jo text me to say how much she loved the cookies. It’s really interesting what different people see as their favourite. I have come to realise that just because something is my least favourite doesn’t mean it’s a bad cookie. I pretty much get now that someone will look at it and think it’s the bee’s knees.

I wish I had a photo of Jo dressed up as Cinderella. The cookies were for her granddaughter Bailee, for her 5th birthday.


Happy Birthday, Yvonne

Sorry to for the absence. Last weekend we headed to Hanmer for the long weekend. I got stuck into making sugar flowers and there’s not really much to show for it, or to say without the accompanying cake (not that I know how I’ll use them yet!). You’ll have to wait another week when Mother’s Day is all over with.

Since returning home I’ve made several batches of cookies, some using my new alphabet cutter set, but predominately the cookies have been for two events, Mother’s Day (next weekend!) and for my very best friend’s birthday.

Happy Birthday to my dear friend Yvonne

Happy Birthday to my dear friend Yvonne

I believe I’ve mentioned Yvonne before. Yvonne and I worked together when we were both at the bank working different areas of the Credit Card division of a bank that since been gobbled up by a bigger Aussie bank.

Yvonne was my Matron on Honour (and I can’t find any photos on the laptop) and I was her witness for her wedding some years later.

Life has taken Yvonne on many journeys to Holland and back, and currently she’s in Holland.

I flipped the cut out cookie to get a Giraffe to face the other way.

I flipped the cut out cookie to get a Giraffe to face the other way.

What I didn’t know about Yvonne until fairly recently is that she really loves Giraffes. Once I heard about that I ordered two Giraffe cookie cutters. I couldn’t find any in New Zealand, so these have both come from American, one from an Etsy store, the other from a big online cookie store.

PME 1 and stiff black icing.

PME 1 and stiff black icing.

I also got to use my Eiffel Tower cookie cutter.  The plan had been (and I don’t know if it eventuated) that Yvonne and Den would head to Paris to celebrate her very special birthday. So the Eiffel Tower cookie seemed fitting to me.

Thanks to SweetSugarBelle for her Giraffe tutorial

Thanks to SweetSugarBelle for her Giraffe tutorial

The hardest thing about the Giraffe (other than my constantly misspelling it!) was getting the cookie dough out of the cutter. It was a bit fiddly, but I persevered. The technique to decorate was wet on wet, though I was a bit late in tapping the cookie to get the brown spots to settle in, so one cookie has nice raised lumps in it 😉 The Giraffe heads were also wet on wet, but I piped the eyes last and again my black icing sunk into the white. I know it’s the amount of water in the black but it wasn’t that thin, plus I put the cookies in front of a fan heater to assist the royal icing to crust over quicker.

I’ve seen lots of cookies recently where the Helvetica alphabet has been used. But do you think I could come up with a number of different styles of design that were unique for each letter? I managed, but I wish inspiration came easier.

A little too much "detail". At least I don't remember the Eiffel Tower being this cramped.

A little too much “detail”. At least I don’t remember the Eiffel Tower being this cramped.

As for the Eiffel Towers, I started with the black on Friday night and was pleasantly surprised at how it came together. I first drew with an edible marker to get the beginnings of the framework and then I piped lots of lines and crosses. I wasn’t sure if I was brave enough to do a second cookie. That piping with a stiffer consistency icing makes you hand hurt with trying to be so precise. I flooded the second cookie in white and cheated by using the edible marker to draw the Eiffel Tower. Because I had much more control over a pen I got a bit carried away and added a few too many crosses. The tower is looking a bit busy and cluttered.

So there we have it. I would have dearly loved to send the cookies to Yvonne, but the distance, the time to travel and the bulkiness meant it wasn’t an option. Instead the best I could do was post a photo to Yvonne’s Facebook page.  Mr Fussy will be eating the cookies. He is a bit appalled that he’s expected to eat the cookies spelling Yvonne’s name 🙂

And for good measure, here’s a few of the other random cookies I decorated. Not nicely set out photos, these are photos taken on my phone as I was decorating. There’s a couple that I’ll leave until next post where I have the cake, the flowers and cookies all out for afternoon tea.

Another technique that doesn't come naturally to me. Teardrops.

Another technique that doesn’t come naturally to me. Teardrops.

Although the lines are closer than I've ever managed (I've tried only twice before), they could still be a bit closer yet.

Although the lines are closer than I’ve ever managed (I’ve tried only twice before), they could still be a bit closer yet.

First time trying the snail piping. Possibly ok for a first attempt but more practice required.

First time trying the snail piping. Possibly ok for a first attempt but more practice required.

My icing was a little to stiff to allow for the icing to fall into swirls and curves. And I'm a bit challenged at them too!

My icing was a little to stiff to allow for the icing to fall into swirls and curves. And I’m a bit challenged at them too!

I finally found a brush amongst all my brushes that gives me the right look for Brush Embroidery. I was really pleased how this turned out.

I finally found a brush amongst all my brushes that gives me the right look for Brush Embroidery. I was really pleased how this turned out.

A few silver cachous to give a little bling

A few silver cachous to give a little bling


St Patrick’s Day Cookies

Gosh, I almost forgot it’s St Patrick’s Day tomorrow and I haven’t posted the cookies I made. Not that they’re anything amazing. But following on with the theme of hand painting, I decided to paint most of the cookies that I hadn’t used the wet on wet technique.

I made a batch of the cookie dough minus the cardamom and orange rind, instead opting to use the new Flavacol I bought straight from the New World supermarket while in Hamilton. It was butterscotch.

2014-03-08 18.22.56

Butterscotch cookies

I baked the cookies Saturday afternoon and whipped up royal icing, but I used Color Flow rather than Meringue Powder. And because I make assumption, I treated the quantity of Color Flow the same as I would Meringue Powder (but CF is about twice the strength going by the proportions of the powder to water).

2014-03-08 16.43.56

Wilton Color Flow

2014-03-08 16.47.50

The consistency was thicker than royal icing made with Meringue Powder.

I also was trying Sweet Hope Cookie’s (her name is Anita too) FrankenFrosting recipe. It is equal parts Royal Icing and Glaze. I’ve never made glaze before, well I guess I have, but for bread or loaves, never as a coverage of cookies I was going to decorate.

I used Wilton clear Vanilla and also Butter flavouring. It made a difference to the flavour, I guess it’s an improvement. But it’s still sweet.

2014-03-08 17.24.30

The result of 50/50 RI and Glaze. You have FrankenFrosting.

The glaze is a lot looser, so I guess all up adding that to the double strength royal icing sort of evened things out. Mr Fussy said the icing is the same as normal, so has a crust but still soft.

Saturday night I flooded all the cookies. I used my new PME needle, it’s a bit thicker and it makes the job of gently swirling the icing to get it to move a little further out and to become a smoother edge much easier. Some  cookies I decorated using the wet on wet technique, the rest would be left overnight to dry out completely, ready for painting.

2014-03-08 18.54.31-1

My new, slightly thicker, PME needle.

I really wasn’t too sure what I was doing, and I was hoping for a more water coloured effect than I got. But I realised I was using normal food gel thinned with vodka and I should have been using my air brush colours (which is a thinner liquid).

It’s all about learning 🙂

2014-03-09 11.16.58

Using Americolor food gels.

2014-03-09 13.59.42-1

Things got messy.

I started with a plaque cookie and added the rainbow, but there was too much cookie left. I grabbed the Macbook (before it died) and Google searched pot of gold and used an image as a reference. All images are freehand, as if it needs to be pointed out.

Next came a hat which turned out pretty good, but I was using quite a bit of colour to get the shading, and it was starting to make the royal icing dissolve a little. In the end it looks a bit like felt. Not such a bad thing really.

2014-03-09 13.59.13-1 2014-03-09 13.59.30-1 2014-03-09 13.59.06-1

I was starting to get the hang of it but was clean out of ideas. I had to keep doing Google searches to find something else new to draw. The last one I did was the scroll work with a shamrock. I would have liked to do something incorporating a Celtic design but I’m a long way from being that good.  But practice will help 🙂

Happy St Patrick’s Day, for tomorrow.

2014-03-08 19.40.58-1

Wet on wet shamrocks.


Something sweet for Valentine’s Day

all the cookiesSince Mr Fussy prefers cookies I made a batch of Lilaloa’s  End-all chocolate cookie recipe.

I made a bit of a boo-boo. Imagine that. Instead of ¾ of a teaspoon of baking powder, I put in 1.5 teaspoons of baking powder. I just grabbed the wrong two spoon measures.

I was puzzled when my cookies spread since the blog post was adamant the cookies wouldn’t. Obviously I’ll have to make them again since I botched this batch. For all that, the spread wasn’t more than I’ve seen with other recipes.

tiny bitesThe cookie dough is really soft. There is a warning the dough will be soft, and you’re encouraged to refrain from adding extra flour if you’re going to chill the dough. I finally did as instructed 😉

I did my usual and rolled it out between two sheets of waxed paper and put the 6mm sheets of rolled dough into the fridge. The dough would have been in the fridge for more than 2 hours when I grabbed the first sheet to cut out. Before I had finished cutting out the last of the dough the cookies at the edge of the sheet had begun to soften making it a little tricky to pick them up and place them on the baking tray. I also popped them back into the fridge before baking them.

Cake lace decorations

Cake lace and chocolate transfer hearts

For all that they taste good. I didn’t add the shortening, I used all butter. I didn’t want the cookies to be soft. Since they usually last a whole week or more I didn’t want to get a sense that they’d softened and perhaps not as fresh as they should be. The cookies aren’t hard or crunchy by any stretch of the imagination so I’m not sure how soft the shortening would make them, if added.

As for the royal icing, I used the last of my Wilton meringue powder and was short a few grams, I made the balance up with dried egg albumen. I really didn’t think it would make a big difference, after all, I’ve made a full batch with egg albumen. That turned out fine, but it had a slightly odd taste.

wet on wetAnyway, the reason I’m making a note of all this, the royal icing didn’t set. I’ve never had that happen before. I didn’t realise until I was picking up the cookies and accidentally nudged one and then saw that the icing was more like marshmallow.

I haven’t asked Mr Fussy how he’s managing to pack a cookie up to take to work. I imagine it’s a bit messy.

The decorations are mostly based on the YouTube Amber from SweetAmbs made.

I haven’t given up on trying filigree, but it’s fair to say I still suck at it. I can’t understand why the piping settles so thick, I’m using a number 1 tip. Must practice at every opportunity.

hearts everywhere

Using the cake lace silicone mat as an impression mat with a fondant decorated heart

While we don’t really do the whole Valentine’s thing, well that’s not entirely true, we love an excuse to go out for dinner, we don’t do gifts, we do exchange cards. I’ll be in Hamilton (I know, I’ve mentioned it before) so I’m still trying to figure out how to get my card to Mr Fussy so it’s not thrown at him as I leave tomorrow morning.

Hope everyone has a nice day, whatever Valentine’s means to you. Cookies are good any day of the week!


Christmas is coming!

Ok, the Christmas tree is up. Yes, I know, it’s still November. Mr Fussy makes it his mission to wear me down until I am exhausted and the Christmas tree goes up Show weekend. It’s been up for just over a week. It doesn’t make me feel at all like Christmas is coming.

Despite all that, this week I tackled a few Christmas projects. They were more to see how much I still need to refine, and allow me time to do just that. Plus I’m putting off making the Poinsettia gumpaste flower which I have planned for my Christmas cake. I did however get the red gumpaste made. And then used some of it to try my first “human” figurine.

I give you a very ample bossomed barrel chested  Santa. Needless to say he needs some a lot of refinement.

SantaAnd he has a friend. I made Mr Penguin first, he’s a portly little fella. He’s 7cm tall and possibly almost as round. I’d say he’s had a few too many Christmas Mince Pies.

Bluebird's the wordThere’s shots of every angle. And while it took me a while to figure out what didn’t quite make sense, you no doubt have figured it out quicker. His belt is a little insignificant for his waist and well, his waist isn’t anywhere near where his belt is. Yep, this is one of many things I’ll do better next time.

Fondant friends Santa and friendToo many piesFriday night I baked up the last of the VanillaVariation Cookies. I’ve had the dough in the freezer since August I think. I made the dough for the cookies for Cel’s maternity luncheon.

After they baked I rolled some fondant (and put through the pasta attachment) and then cut them out in the same shape as the cookies. You can see the dough really doesn’t spread. Those with fondant I piped last night. I didn’t really know what design to use, but they turned out mostly ok given my limited abilities and lack of imagination 🙂

Powder blueToday I got the airbrush out. My first foray into airbrushing. I’ve watched a few Craftsy lessons, enough to give me a head start. It’s quite tricky to know where you’re pointing given that distance to the object changes how much colour is being sprayed and just where.

These cookies are a mix of airbrush and royal icing, and for some I managed to mix the two mediums. I’d love to add more colours. That would require me spending more time protecting parts of the stencils. I just lacked patience for that today.

Stencils1Royal Icing gives a nice sort of velvet type look to the pattern. Getting the icing applied equally was a bit tricky. As I’d swipe the little flat plastic spatula type thing it would sometimes remove just a bit too much royal icing. I really didn’t think that would happen. I had some mishaps. The managed to get a little royal icing on and then nudged the stencil. Lining it back up caused some smudging. And then there was some bleeding (the red ornament). As for airbrushing, I got a bit too carried away on the bucket of the Christmas Tree and applied way too much. I tried to tidy it up by putting royal icing on it to help. And it did, even though it still looks a bit messy.

Stencils2Then I thought I would try and make the edges of the flooded cookies a bit tidier. My ability to pipe a nice fluid circle leaves a lot to be desired. However I’m such a novice trying to pipe boarders. It is what it is, and it could be worse. Given how long it’s been since I last made an effort to pipe boarders with royal icing, I’m going to give myself a 6/10 for improvement 😉

Mr Fussy has a lot of things to eat this week. There’s still Christmas Mince Pies, the Butterscotch cookies, now these cookies and the raspberry cupcakes.