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Experimenting with flavours, colours and style of food served at our place

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Secret Sauce

I made another Chelsea Winter recipe this weekend. Well her Crispy Roast Potatos tonight, but other than a photo on my phone there’s nothing to show for it but a very satisfying meal.

Eat up

Prepare for more photos than you thought possible for the humble hamburger.

The Secret Sauce is part of the Cheeseburger recipe on Chelsea’s website.

The sauce has, wait for it, Gherkin in it. Now I’m with Mr Fussy on turning my nose up at this, but hand in hand we went to the Mediterranean Food Warehouse and purchased something I never thought we’d be paying for. On the very very odd occasion I’ve had a McDonald’s Cheeseburger, I’ve always pulled the gherkin out. Mr Fussy has never had gherkin, and his interest in having gherkin is less than zero. So it was quite the vision seeing us buying a jar (a rather large jar) of gherkins.

Special SauceWhile we were out we popped into St Martin’s New World and I bought some cheddar cheese from their speciality cheese section. It tasted a bit sharp before it was melted, but more sharp when melted. Is that possible?

I made the special sauce before the hamburgers. I took a very tentative spoonful of the sauce and was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed it. There was a small glimmer of hope Mr Fussy would not only try, but also like. Though he wasn’t at all interested in having a sample before his hamburger was made.

IngredientsSo here we are, the full hamburger. I didn’t use any red onion, but we did have a slice of bacon. The burgers cooked up really nicely and not only that, they didn’t ooze fat and other liquid, something that always has happened with my homemade burgers. I had nothing left on my plate but two crumbs. When I held my plate up to prove it, I was left with one crumb. Oops.

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