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Cheesy Herb (Quick Bread) Muffins

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Last post from this weekend.

Herb and Cheese QuickbreadI remember a post Heidi from 100 Cookbooks wrote about her experience visiting Australia and finding that most café’s served Muffins.

It was clear Muffins were not commonplace in America. I’ve thought that strange. I suppose I guessed most things migrated this side of the word. We do seem to be a follower in many things that it’s hard to imagine we had something “new” to offer.

Anyway, last weekend (yes last weekend, not this weekend) I made this recipe from Averie’s website. It’s a “quick bread”. I didn’t know what a quick bread was, but it sounded good and I was looking forward to it.

After it had baked (and it took much longer than it took Averie) I realised the texture was so much like a savoury muffin.

So I reckon the American’s eat a food that, if it were spooned into muffin liners would be, well muffins.

IngredientsThis weekend I searched out other quick bread recipes and found one that sounded right up my alley and instead of baking it in a loaf pan, I spooned the mixture into muffin liners.

Here’s a link to the Quick Bread/Savoury Muffin that I made.

Yes, I changed a little of the recipe.

  • I added 1/2 a shallot, cooked
  • I weighed the flour at 140gm per cup. I think next time I might add 125gm weight per cup
  • I melted the butter and allowed it to cool before adding it to the other wet ingredients
  • And as per usual, the amount of cheese called for ended up being and exaggerated  measurement

The mixture was much stiffer than any I’ve mixed before. I wasn’t convinced the muffins would turn out nice and fluffy, but they did.

Stiff batterI baked these for 18 minutes at 200deg Celsius.

I didn’t have any Sage (I thought I did). The thyme added a really different flavour, it was quite obvious to me, but then we don’t often have thyme in many of our dinners so the flavour was probably more distinctive to us.

We all enjoyed the muffins. Two was enough, which reminds me, there’s 3 left. I got 9 big muffins from the mixture.

Butter butter butterThere’s always one last thing to mention. The last few batches of muffins I’ve made have stuck to the liners. I realised the liners I bought were from the supermarket and weren’t “greaseproof”. Next time I was in Stevens I found Mrs Rogers greaseproof Tulip liners and bought them. These muffins were baked in those liners and they were a bust. The muffins stuck to them just like the non-greaseproof liners. I’m a bit ticked off about that.


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